Saturday, April 16, 2005

Kickback Scandal

Dear mouse,

This did not happen in the Philippines.

This was not publicized in international newspapers.

This news is for Filipinos who think that we deserve the disrespect of the foreigners because our country is listed as number 2 among corrupt countries according to the survey.

But who would think otherwise if our newspapers are practically screaming the accusations of corruption even before the public inquries have been initiated. Yan ang sinasabing usok pa lang sunog na ang sinisigaw. And why do these disgruntled politicians and government officials alike have to use media to air grievances. Don't answer.

This news is also a good example of a case where internet blogging can serve as alternative media when the mainstream media are gagged.

I first saw this news in a local newspaper, buried in page 12 along with not so significant news.

When I googled, this is what I found.

Corruption scandal torments Canadian PM

by David Usborne

The Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, was fighting yesterday to stave off the collapse of his 10-month-old minority Liberal government amid a financial corruption scandal described by some commentators as the worst in the country's history.

The crisis, spawned in part when the author of an American internet blog last week published testimony from court hearings into the case that had otherwise been shrouded by a blanket media ban, worsened last night with when one of Mr Martin's parliamentary members defected to become an independent .

The Ca t


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