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Why the Duchess of Cornwall?

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So much about trading off the crown for endless love.

Although I was not the romantic type, I sighed when I heard the story about King Edward VIII, the king of England in 1936 who abdicated the throne to marry an American divorcee Mrs. Wallis Simpson.

He must be truly in love to leave the hall of power and the luxurious lifestyle of a monarch.

But in all the years that he was away from the throne until he died, he maintained the same lifestyle with less burden of responsibility of leading a very powerful country.

So how did he subsist without doing anything.

He derived his income from the net surplus of the Duchy of Cornwall, an agricultural estate run on a commercial basis by the parliament.

The Duchy was meant to provide income for heir apparent independent of the State.

Now its Prince Charles who is the Heir Apparent. Even if he does not become the king, they will have a regular income from the duchy which averages about 7 million pounds a year. Not bad compared to the allowances to other dukes, princes and princesses which average to 300,000 pounds a year only.

The future queen shall not own the royal palaces, heirloom and other royal assets.

All of these belong to the Her Majesty as Sovereign and not as an individual.

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At 1:55 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

cath....i am not trying to correct you, but just trying to add some more info on this blog of yours. 1.) I think King Edward was really in love with Mrs. Simpson, cuz she was twice divorced and according to some historian, she was very manipulative of the king on all the things that she wants.
2.) Mrs. Simpson was never forgiven by the Royal family. she was never forgiven by the Royals,even on the death of King Edward.
3.) King Edward, when he announced to the Parliament that he will abdicate,demanded a yearly stipend from the Crown. Then he told his family, that if he will not be given a Royal subsidy together with Mrs. Simpson, he will sell all the Estates of the Royal family (e.g. Balmoral Castle), since he automatically inherited it when their father died. That was the reason, him and Mrs. Simpson was given a yearly stipend fit for a Royal during those times for the rest of their earthly life.
4.) It was the present Queen who finally gave the Royal status to Mrs. Simpson when King Edward died, and when she died (Mrs. Simpson), there were lots of momentos and photos that was left un sorted out and not even catalogued found in her tub, in their Chateau in France which is now owned by Dodie Fayed's father, completely renovated from its orginal grandeur, Fayed, thinking that if Diana and his son gets married, this will be their home also.
5.) King Edward still carried his hereditary title of (HRH) His Royal Highness but Mrs. Simpson was only allowed by the Crown to use (HRP) Her Royal Princess on her marriage to King Edward.

Going to Camilla Parker Bowles, who was given the title Duchess of Cornwall, she has to have a title, and she cannot be called Princess of Wales, because that title has been bestowed to Princess Diana, when she got married. The Queen will only be the ones' to bestow the title of Princess of Wales to Camilla. The Duchy of Cornwall and other properties, is the property of the Windsors, not the government for the Crown. That is the reason some members of the Commonwealth, especially Australia, wants to cut the Civil Lists of Queen Elizabeth completely, because the members of the civil lists (Royals) and their spending money are all coming from the Tax payers. The Royals, so said some of the Commonwealth countries, will survive even without the civil lists and being paid by the people.

The only member of th Civil Lists (Royals) who is not accepting or receiving money from the Royal taxes is Viscount Lynley, (son of Princess Royal Margaret)who has his own furniture business and the only one who can call Queen Elizabeth as "Auntie Lilibeth".

Sorry for my History 101 lecture. hmmmmm!!!!

At 6:12 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

i like your comments, they are very informative.

halata bang, i try to lure you from your very educational webblog.

talo mo ako sa research.

the reason why i got interested in the royalty stories is because of my mom. She was very fascinated by their stories.

Starting 2000 yata, the Queen reimburses the government for the allowances afforded to the Royal members of the family.

Kaliit naman ng allowance ng Duke of York, kaya pala nagkautang-utang
yong Duchess of York at nag-endorse na lang ng Jenny Craig.

Yong ang sinasabi ko. nagabdicte siya pero hindi niya maaford na madisinherit.

These were the questions in my mind kasi when I read the article about the couple esp, about the death of Mrs. Simpson where she left a lot of expensive jewelries given to him by the ex-King.

So they lived in style din pala. Not for richer or poorer sila. For richer and richer.

At 12:06 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

cath...tks for ur comment too. i love u picking my brain. maybe because you know i just had MRI of my brain last friday and still awaiting for the result this comin friday. so while the docs are not yet pickin on my brain, here's some info also maybe you think is worth knowing. 1.) the Queen was forced by the comments and outcry of the public to give up some of the names on her Civil Lists, which is a burden to the tax payer. one example whose name is on the lists is the mother of Prince Philip, when she was still alive. This woman is married to King Constantive of Greece when that country is still a monarchy. When she became a widow, she decided to wear a Greek nun's habit and lives inside Buckingham palace in a wing on her own, chain smoking and giving problems to the staff and her footman. 2.) some o the names that was stricken out from the civil lists, the Queen herself is the one paying for them, from her private estates. 3.) Sarah Ferguson, the Duchess of York, still carries her title. It will not be given to the nextr wife of Prince Andrew, in case he gets married. They have removed the title Her Royal Highness, the Duchess of York from her, so she instead carries the name, Sarah, the Duchess of York. Sarch's debts are all caused by her, because the money that she is receiving while part of the civil lists, she spend more than what she is receiving. When the divorce went thru, she got stucked with it and has to be paid by her, which she did, by Jenny Craig endorsement and appearances, and her book that she authored for children. she finally was able to pay for it, and it was said that the Queen was proud of her.For the sake of the children, Sarah still lives inside the estate of Prince Andrew on separae house, but who knows, especially now that she has a gorgeous body, unlike before when the tabloid calls her "The Duchess of Pork"4.) the Queen is now paying some taxes, because when Windsor Castle burned, she wants the people to pay for the reconstruction of it, so there was a loud outcry from the taxpayers saying that she has to bear some of the costs of it and anti Monarchy is already in the wind. She shorten her civil lists also, and she is now personally paying for those who was stricken out of from the lists, coing from her private estates (eg Duchy of Cornwall) Because before, even the mother of Prince Philip who was married to King Constantine of Greece before, when Greece was still a monarchy, was also on the lists. This woman when her husband died has lived all her remaining life at the Buckingham Palacd dressed like a Greek Nun, a dinker and a chain smoker. 5)Mrs. Simpson's jewelries are given to her by King Edward, which some are now a property of Dodie Fayed's father. she never owned any Crown Jewels. When Princess Diana died in Paris, the first thing the Queen did was dispatch her ambassador in Paris and check if Princess Diana has with her any Crown jewels, that has to be retrieved and be returned back to England. We donot know if she has some Crown jewels with her that time when she was in Paris on her death. and brutal ba.?

At 6:13 PM, Anonymous Luchie said...

i enjoyed reading this, really!

At 6:06 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

tenks luchie...


i never realized that these royalties in Europe were blood relatives like Catherine the Great, the first wife of Henry VIII took refuge in her cousin's palace in Spain.

So much in-breeding that made them suffer with "katoks sa ulo" and the men becoming wimpies.

Buti nga kumukuha sila galing sa labas para gumanda lahi nila noh?

Look at Prince William and the other son. They are quite a looker, thanks to Princess Di.

I am not a Princess DI fan but I just did not want the treachery of the two that made her suffer and die of broken heart.

I can't believe that Prince Charles has no single affection for Di, even for the sake of the children.

Ah ewan.

At 4:43 PM, Blogger schatzli said...

dutchy of corwall is one of the biggest organic market in UK! such vast property really.

"In a provincial register office, it took just 20 minutes to undo centuries of royal tradition. To marry the women they wanted, Edward VIII had to abdicate, Henry VIII had to behead, while Charles merely had to wait-albeit for 34 years."

thats from the UK sunday times..

At 12:48 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

history 101 again. Catherine of Aragon, the Spanish wife of Henry VIII was the grand daughter of the King and Queen of Spain. She was supposed to be married to the brother of Henry VIII but the brother died, so as not to lost face on the marriage, Henry was married to Catherine of Aragon who has a daughter from Henry VIII named Mary, the half sister of Elizabeth I, the Virgin Queen , wherein the state of Virginia in USA was named so, because of Elizabeth I, being the Virgin Queen. She is not a Virgin, cuz she sleeps around with one of the courtier named Sir Robert, who in turn became involved in a plot to assasinate her, and so from then on Elizabeth I got scared of marrying and said "there will only be one Mistress in this house, with no Master!!" thus, she decided to become a virgin for the rest of her reign. but, she was rumored to have been flirting with Sir Francis Drake. The Royals of England are related to the King of Prussia and the Royals of Russia (Romanov) by the way, Henry VIII died of syphillis. The Royals of England now is not called Windsor before, their last name was Gotha, until the war broke between England and Prussia, that King George decided to change their last name to Windsor after the name of their Castle. ano ba ito, palalim ako ng palalim.

At 5:26 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

hay salamat , naayos din itong NWC. tenks yuga.


tenks for the info. talo sila ng ating ex-pres., wala ng kailangang e-eliminate. sabay-sabay sila. hekhehekhek


as usual, tenks for the info.
di ba si Virgin Queen yong medyo kalbo. Mother niya si Anne Boleyn?

Homdo ba sinabi lang niya na balak siyang patayin kasi nadiscover niya
na nakikipagkita pa rin ito sa girl friend niya.

Gulo ng mga bloody blue bloods na ito.


at siya roon ang umagaw kay Sir Francis Drake sa girl friend nitong

At 4:34 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

There are so many mistakes here it is difficult to know where to start.Mrs Simpson did not acquire the style of HRH when marrying the Dike of Windsor. This was specifically excluded by King George VI.
The Queen did not bestow the title of PoW on Princess Diana; this was simply in accordance with usual practice that a wife takes husband's style. The Queen did however deny Princess Diana the HRH stle after divorce. Mrs Parker Bowles could have been called PoW - it is a matter of custom. The next wife of Prince Andrew will be called Duchess of York; it happens all the time that there may be several duchesses, divorced ones using their first names (e.g. Sarah Duchess of York) while the wife of the title holder is known as "the Duchess of York".

The Duchy of Cornwall exists to provide funding for the heir apparent. It cannot be used for any other purpose. The Duchy of Lancaster provides funding for the Queen. They are akin to perpetual trusts. It is extremely doubtful that they would be considered now to be private property of the House of Windsor.

The Queen repays the allowances of Dukes of Kent, Gloucester and Princess Alexandra and perhaps others - but does so using Duchy of Lancaster funds.

Princess Andrew of Greece and Denmark never figured on the Civil List although she did live in BP.She was Prince Philip's mother, founded an order of Greek nuns but certainly was never married to King Constantine, who married Princess Anne-Marie of Denmark.

At 7:37 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

lSpeaking of Royalty, The Queen is coming to Canada, I hope she comes as a tourist and not as a guest because the majority of Canadians can`t afford her taste and really feel her position in Canada has been redundant for the past 100 years.ebax@Yahoo


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