Thursday, March 06, 2003

CAT IN THE FIDDLE Lessons may not come as words of wisdom;  lessons can be gleaned from lifes' experiences; anguish, guilt, anger and sorrows. It gives us greater insights how to cope with this dilemma when we are undergoing the same life crises.  Humans are complex animals. While they see cats as warm-blooded balls of fur, we see them as warm blooded couch and pillows. One human I met is a friend of a human pet who lives with me in a condo. Her passion and impatient spirit to make things work drove her to mood swings. Sometimes she would just stay in my pet's pad and tirelessly talked about her dreams, her frustrations, her anger and her anguish. My pet human did not condemn her for having fallen in love to wrong people. She never reprimanded her for allowing herself to be used by some people. She was just there to listen when nobody would listen to her. One day she would flare up and fight a battle against the world and the next day, she would be calling everybody, darling and honey. My pet did not take that as plastic or fake. It is just her nature she would say while stroking my fur. ewwwwwmeow. One day she came crying and blurted out that she wanted to die. We went with her quietly and asked her to drive near a bridge. My pet human asked her how she can help. Would she like to be pushed or simply watch her jump? My human pet can be cold and heartless too. She smiled and scampered back to the car. The next day, we saw her with the man who caused her heartbreak. It seems she can accept that her Christmases are either Dec. 24 or 26 and her New Years are Dec. 31 and January 2 by sticking up with this man. Humans!!!!!!!!!(rolleyes and flick whiskers)... She sent a card..with a simple statement...thank you for being a friend. What ? no lasagna for the CAT..... Quotation of the day A friend is one who takes you for lunch even if you are not tax deductible.


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