Thursday, March 06, 2003

SHORT SHORTS-SHORT CAT Philamgypsy: My pea brain is just toooooo exhausted. I worked on something today. CAT: Mine is frozen. Got to thaw it first. Poinkpoinpoinpoink ========================================== CAT :I do not shed tears, I merely lie down and thought of sleeping forever but then I get hungry so I get up and eat. That is my denial defense mechanism for depression. I prefer fish please. Wander: How about catfish, mud fish, milk fish, tilapia, tuyo, tinapa? CAT: I like salmon. Straight from the CAN. Brand regardless. ======================= Edgarbb: Uh-ohh, you don't know whom you're tangling with, Cat- back down, girl... Len just chews cat claws for dessert. She'd stared down Armalites!.. CAT: I see red only once a month and I pity the people who come my way. I do not sip coffee during that time. I gulp cup after cup after cup. Is there an IV for coffee. Just want to hook to it. No cups to wash.burp..'cuse me. Quotation: JESTING-Never risk a joke to someone who is unable to comprehend it. HAHAHAHA...


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