Friday, June 06, 2003

YAWN Phone: Ano tapos na? Hindi pa Ginagawa ko yong map of directions.. Ahhh Kaya lang hindi ko magenerate yong map sa internet ? Bakit? Ang address San Pidro Street di ba ? Hindi, San Pablo. Patay, San Pidro ang inilagay ko sa invitation. hehehe Bakit ? Iniisip ko kasi ST. PETER and ST. PAUL Babaguhin mo ang inivitation. Ano ka nababaliw. Lumipat na lang kayo sa San Pidro. mwheeeeehehe. Dear Diary, Bakit minsan ang corny ko? C Kaibigan: Buti alam mo. E-mail: Howcum you never discuss about your relationships like other bloggers. Well nobody asks. I am asking. Okay. I will describe them using the punctuation marks. First. #$&*@ period.. Second ??????!!!!! period Third @-@ ….question mark. I do not get it. Me too. *********************** I will lull you to sleep. The public relations propaganda and anti propaganda machine of Erap camp is on a high gear. (yawn) They are targeting two birds with one rock (they are not using sling shot).( Yawn) One is Davide and one is Gloria.(yawn) Hilario Davide is being silently pushed to run for Presidency in 2004 by a few civic-oriented groups. Gloria is Gloria. The evil named jealousy turned its eyes green again with the State Visit of the diminutive president gaining her mileage of popularity. Erap never had this kind of reception during his working visit. His was never a state visit. Even his expensive, high-powered pr machinery never get close to allow the White House to extend a STATE visit status for the ex-President.( Yawn.) I am amazed that an article about a bible reading Chief Justice of Supreme Court who uses bible as his guide for his daily life and invokes divine guidance in every judgement and decisions he made was used in order to push an impeachment case for the justices of the Supreme Court who allowed Gloria to assume the presidency. An epilogue of a book that mentions about Davide’s reliance on interpretation of bible passages was blown out of proportions by Paguia and Saguisag I used to admire Saguisag for his moral integrity. I still admire Saguisag for his brilliance but not for his moral ascendancy. He is brilliant because he knows that they are running out of good defense in the plunder case. Now they are invoking immunity by accusing Davide to have played God in declaring the legitimacy of the administration. YAWN


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