Friday, August 22, 2003


Dear Mouse, Lesson number 5. Every one you meet deserves to be greeted with a smile. I read blogs of other women. I learn from their journals, their loves, their families and their jobs. Much as I want to discuss my work environment like they do, I feel that it is indecorous to present one sided view about people who I find blatantly show their dislike for Asian like me. I chose to be improper. I was going to the second level when the door of the elevator opened when I was a few feet away. I run in order not to miss another precious minutes waiting for it to come back. Inside, I met this director again. To break the ice and to know where the elevator is headed to, I asked him, UP ?. He looked at me. No words came out of his mouth. No body language to acknowledge my question. His eyes did not blink. I guessed he has not learned the lesson yet. This has always been the icy treatment. Whenever or wherever I meet him, he has this blank stare. I just thought that it is unbecoming conduct for a person in the organization where the spirit of diversity is promoted like a dogma. Was it because, I am in a department where documents are scrutinized to the minutest detail before they are approved for checkwriting. Naah.... He does not treat the non-Asian staff that way ? Was it because his skin was fairer than I am ? Naaah In my experience, a signature dress or suit and an equally expensive shoes and accessories do not a good manager make. I feel comforted however on the thought that I infected others with my smile. One person will not make a difference. Smile. the CAT


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