Saturday, September 13, 2003

Guilty, obsessed and tickled pink (not in that order)

Dear Mouse, Okay, guilty as charged, I digressed. This is not supposed to be my blog for today. It was more of a discussion of serious topic-population. I have been carrying the disk where I stored my first sentence about the topic to the workplace>home>workplace>home for a week now but I have not added anything not even a word... just a comma. I hate to admit it, I cannot be a serious writer,(wannabe). So Metropolitan, a guy who posted in my private message that he likes my blog...( this cat is tickled pink...ahaaa someone took notice of my blog) other than my brother, my friends especially Wxyz...that sometimes they can be funny...oh yeah, I chose to be funny in the midst of the hopelessness, the chaos and the political turmoil that my country is undergoing right message is i am really funny. :) It is not because of the writer's block that I was not able to update my blog because I am just a wannabe writer...but it was due to my obsession to have a Filipino Channel installed... I am missing one fourth of my life...missing the alternative entertainment from the Senate-the fact-finding comiittees discovering talents...comedians...drama queens...crying gentlemen and dancing queens. I saw an ad about one month-cable service and installation-free for Filipino channel from the cable company, I am subscribed to. I called up the toll-free number... me: heylo (got to adopt their accent so they would understand me)...this is the CAT, i am interested in your promo regarding..blah blah.. csr: are you calling the right number? me: yes, if this is 1-888 blah blah. csr: yes, it is but i never heard of such a promo? telephone dead. resurrected it by dialing the same number... csr: heylo, i am... how may i help you today? me: i am ...about the promo..blah blah blah csr: ow, may i direct you to...please hold... me: sure ring...automated machine message: all our csr are busy right now....blech... The cat decided to multi-task by arranging the stuff in the pantry while waiting for a customer rep to be available......i was in my fifth "carne norte" pyramid level of arrangement when a human voice piped in the speaker-phone of my cordless...speaker phone.."yes, how may i help you?" Avoiding to yell, i put my earphone and plugged it in the cordless hanging conveniently in the cabinet's door..."yeah about this promo of yours...but im still yelling...(groan). csr: i have never heard of such a thing but I will direct your call who may have info about it...please hold...( i thought, I am going to ask where ?) It was man's voice who is tasked to respond to my simple you have this promotion about TFC, yes or no. Csr: ma'am, can i get your last name, the service address and the tel. phone.... me: for goodness sakes, just tell me if you have this promotion. Csr: we do not have the promotion that you are talking about. me: ow, that is more like it. BUT WHY IN THE HELL DID YOU RUN THIS AD...( I do not want want to be bitchy, I AM A CAT). csr: ma'am , i would like to advise you to bring that copy of the ad and demand from the nearest to give you what is stipulated in the ad. me: are you kidding? i still have to look for the store. click Direction-challenged as I am, I am pretty, it may take me a half day just to find it, argue with some real people and it will not make my day. But then, I said, i have this obsession, just like fatal attraction...or a stalker to his stalkee...I called up the number again. This time, a woman answered...and ..maybe she was already oriented that a crazy obsessed CAT has been inquiring about a promo...that she readily asked me to read the fine print of disclaimer of sort (is that the right word) new customers only...and i thought I am a new customer for the Filipino channel...owwwww..... now about that population...ew...time for me to go...Christening again.... The CAT


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