Thursday, September 11, 2003

My Dream Wedding

Dear Mouse, The judge asked for the rings. Funny, I cannot find them. Funnier, the judge gave us golden hoops that looked like rings. Unperturbed by my reluctance to accept them, she resumed her monologue-like recitation of the I DO prologue... do you accept...the groom ...a Jim Carrey, look-alike- hunk said I do and slipped on the ring to my finger of my right hand ? ?????Bad omen, I thought. It is a ring on a wrong finger. Wrong partner ? It was my turn...Do you accept...this is crazy, but the judge looked like judge judy to me. She has to repeat the question three times. I guessed, I was not paying attention. I was distracted by my pair of shoes as I looked down on th floor. I was wearing a pair of canvas shoes... How come the floor has grasses instead of carpet.? She repeated the question again, this time she got a bell on her hand....i thought ... what is she doing with that bell ? Is she going to ring it the moment, I say yes...Weird.... Then she was a long sound but it does not sound like a bell. It sounded like my alarm clock...Ooops. just a dream. Yes, mousey, the antihistamine that I took to deal with my allergy had a strong effect that gave me more hours to sleep and additional hours to have a dream. My dream once again gave me the opportunity to see the future. My classmate in College called to invite me in her wedding this Oct. 11. Give me one or two more dreams that predict the future and I am ready to wear a turban and charged a fee for one who wants her dream interpreted. The CAT


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