Saturday, September 13, 2003

Population-bane or boon(Whew at last)

Dear Mouse, I hate analyzing things. When my professor gave us the paper on Brain Drain: boon or bane, I morphed into an absent-minded, stressed and don’t-talk-to-me subhuman. The paper would be due after a week and I had to arm twist some of my classmates that I chose to become my respondents in the mini-survey that I conducted in order to get their perceptions. The professor did not require us to make a survey. He just wanted our honest to goodness views about brain or brawn leaving the Philippines to seek greener pasture (pardon me for the use of much abused description of a first class economy country)whether it is twisted, surreal or hair/wig-raising opinions. I went beyond that. I was more confident if I can shore up my argumentation with injections of other people’s thoughts. A reader may think that there is no need for debate…hands down, population boom is bane. Too many mouths to feed, resources being depleted faster than they can be replenished and unemployment results as more people of working age join the work force. Japan, a country that solved the problem of shrinking land spaces due to growing population half a century ago, by expanding its territory thru conquest learned the lesson the hard way. So instead of increasing the Space variable, it decreased the population factor that resulted into zero growth for many years. It did not realized however that time would come when working people would retire and a new generation has to take over. That time has come. The country’s labor pool is shrinking. One solution offered is to welcome laborers from poor nations in Asia, Africa and Latin America. Can we say therefore that population is boon and not bane. The highly populated nations provide labor force not only for their own production requirement but for world as well . I do not know, mouse. I consumed a lot of megabytes writing this article and my brain has lost a few ounces in this mental calisthenics. I said, I do not want serious topic. It makes me delirious. Thudddd(sound of body falling due to exhaustion). The CAT Dear CAT, How about relating these two topics of brain /brawn drain to population boom. The Mouse Thudd...


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