Tuesday, September 02, 2003

Back to salt mines

Dear Mouse, Last Friday, one of the executive assistants told me not to spend the long weekend in one place. I did what he said. Saturday morning, I slept in my couch in the living room. Yawn.... Saturday afternoon, I had my nap in my bedroom. A total of 6 hours for the whole day. Yawn... The culprit is the time released pain killer, I am taking for my back pain. I really have to stay away from this pain killer. It makes me drowsy all the time. Sunday, I spent three hours talking over the phone. Yes three hours, talking about politics, blah blah blah. Damn that Filipino channel. I have it uninstalled after the Erap trial. Now that the political circus is in town again, my masochistic streak drives me nuts for missing the whole telenovela series fully captured by the television and other media. I cannot blame my favorite sassy lady-lawyer-writer for expressing despair over what is happening in the Philippines. As usual, I have expressed hope. I found the reason why I still hold on to this thought. At the end of the second sequel of the Lord of the Rings, the friend of Frodo, the fat, short , loyal friend assessed why the heroes died when they could have just run away and avoid the violence, the killing and the war but they held on and fight because of the goodness that they see and hope would triumph at the end. Kaiyak ano, mousey. The CAT


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