Sunday, September 07, 2003

Pets or Pests ?

Dear Mouse, Isn't it sad. When pets lose their usefullness, the humans regard them as pests and they dump them if they can. Pet dumping in Japan is a problem. According to a survey,about 60 percent of the pollees complained that "too many dogs and cats were discarded" in the streets.Among pet owners, 73.6 percent of dog owners and 28.1 percent of cat owners said they have not had their pets castrated yet.When asked about what they would do if they couldn't look after their pets anymore, 55.3 percent said they would search for a new owner, followed by 25. 4 percent who said they would take the animal to a public health center.About 70 percent of them said that they would accept the fate of ownerless pets which had to be destroyed. (Mainichi Shimbun, Japan, Sept. 6, 2003) In the Philippines, the askals would not live for 24 hours in the streets. The big-bellied devotees of San Miguel would treat them as manna from heaven. CATS would, as long as they do not wander near a siopao factory(oops). In Wyoming, a cat wanderer was held hostage for $ 50. Neighbor hold trespassing cat for ransom Associated Press GILLETTE, Wyo. -- Deryl Miles is accused of cat nabbing. Miles, 55, allegedly kidnapped his neighbor's cat and held it hostage for $50 after the animal wandered into his yard. Surrounded by police, Miles called a local newspaper from his trailer and said "I've taken (the cat) legally because it was trespassing on my property." Miles refused to release the cat, and was arrested after leading police on a brief chase around his yard, court documents stated. ©2003 SF Gate Do not worry about me, mousey, if ever I wander, the humans in the coffee shop will look for me …will they? Meow….yes, they did one time. The CAT


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