Monday, September 01, 2003


Dear Mouse, I just received an invitation-again-Christening of my friend's firstborn. This time, it is a small crowd, limited to close friends and relatives only. It will be held in a fine restaurant. This is the third Christening that I am attending this year. In all these celebrations of a baby becoming a Christian, I tag along my bachelor friend hoping that he can meet a nice lady for a wife. ( Yes, mousey, that is how desperate he wants to get hitched but fall back the moment, the woman is hinting commitment. argggh Martians). The FAQ would come up again, I know. So how come you're not married yet. Who? me ? Ow, he you mean? Saiyo pala F. mas matanda ka kaya ikaw sumagot. Some of responses that are meant to say...hey stop it or ... 1. If I get married, I am depriving you the joy of asking similar questions everytime we meet in a a guy whose breaking the ice statement is ikaw kailan...magkakababy-- 2.I do not want to contribute to the population explosion---to a guy whose question is- napag--iwanan ka na-kailan ba kami maiimbita sa binyag---( it is just me talking to myself like Gollum, kasal nga wala pang imbitasyon...binyag pa...hehehehehe) 3.Yes, I am married to---my house mortgage, my car amortization...blah blah- to a guy whose questioning is designed like a survey with close-ended statement answerable by yes or no...-hey, are you married already..put a check to your answer () yes () no. 4. I am waiting for my future bride to have her a guy whose question is..wala ka pa bang nakikita ? 5. I might be disinherited by my mom. I do not want to miss that little island she owns in a guy whose question is-- time to get yourself a wife... 6. I eat at my mom's house. libre na ..I don't even have to be nagged to do the dishes-for a statement that assumes that a wife is homebody and can cook... 7. At least,nobody tells me to get my ass off bed except the alarm clock...-to a question-how can you manage being alone.... 8. Are you kidding...I am in the internet for hours while watching a DVD and eating my favorite ice cream - to a are you not lonely question... 9. I also share my credit card--to a statement that poses no question but more of encouragement - para may katuwang ka sa pagkita... 10. No, thank you...the interest in the mortgage is a tax deductible that does not whine- for a statement that pertains to lower income tax liability... What about you ? who me ? Hindi pala effective ang gayuma.... The CAT


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