Wednesday, September 03, 2003

Barbaric ?

Dear Mouse, Some self-loathing /deprecating Filipinos wrote in one of the forums, how barbaric the Filipino culture is. These culture bashers will always blame culture everytime one or two Filipinos did something bad. Someone has to tell them that the Pinoy who is accused of the killing his whole family did not decimate his family because it is the rotten culture of the Filipinos. Hello....if ever he did the heinous crime, it could have been due to extreme emotional disturbance or aberrant behaviour that any individual from any race may be suffering from. I wonder what these Filipinos would think about this news about a gang of girls in SF . Hill gang preys on women Police in S.F. surprised by savagery of attacks Anastasia Hendrix, Chronicle Staff Writer They call themselves the Hill Girls, a violent clique of about 20 young women who live in Potrero Hill's public housing and who have been attacking women in San Francisco's toughest neighborhoods since the beginning of the year. "These women are extremely violent, and they are not locking themselves into distinct boundaries the way many male gangs do," said Inspector Tony Chaplin of the police department's gang task force. "These are mostly crimes of opportunity." In one instance, gang members drove to a victim's home and tried to get inside. When they failed, they damaged her car by breaking the windows and bashing in the rest of it. One victim's elbow was shattered with a baseball bat as her 5-year-old son looked on. An infant was torn from another woman's arms and thrown to the ground. "Some of them just said they don't really care about the children," Broberg said. "Some said, 'We have kids, too, and we left them at home, and you shouldn't be out here with kids anyway.' " Another woman was bitten repeatedly on her back, breaking the skin and requiring a tetanus shot. Barbaric ? The CAT Dear CAT, I saw a barbaric killing yesterday. That mouse in the glue trap did not have a chance. It could have survived if it was given more time to wiggle itself out of the sticky situation it was in. The handyman did not give it a chance to have another lease of life. I cannot write what he did. It was gruesome. Arggghhh The Mouse


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