Friday, September 05, 2003

Walang lang

Dear Mouse, I believe in miracles , so was my mom. If she were in the Philippines, ten years ago, I am sure she would have joined the multitide who went to La Union and witnessed the visionary knelt for hours; eyes focused on to "SOMETHING" and dictated the messages that he received from the "LADY". I did not go, despite the prodding of some friends. This is not the kind of " miracle "I believe in. Years after, that visionary is in the show biz. Read the excerpt of a write up about him/ her. Nieva now a show biz star Posted: 8:48 PM (Manila Time) | Sept. 04, 2003 By Mozart Pastrano, Contributor Inquirer News Service YOU think being a teenage "visionary" who could see the Virgin Mary and receive her messages was the greatest performance of Judiel Nieva's life? Well, where were you Sunday night? During show biz-y ceremonies at the University of the Philippines Film Center in Diliman last Sunday, Nieva -- now 26 and going by the name Angel de la Vega -- made his screen debut with the premiere showing of the film "Siklo." In it, he plays Angel, a woman who falls in love with her new neighbor, a young man named Mark (played by the boyish VJ Mark Ocampo) who loves to toy around with a video camera. A crucial scene showed the two making love: sensual shots of flesh, sweat, and passionate kissing in the grassy outdoors. "Nahihiya nga ako," Nieva said after the screening. "May love scene ako, may kissing scene, may violent scene pa." In "Siklo," his character wakes up in a hospital room. A doctor exclaims, "It's a miracle! You're alive!" Excuse me, if I say shi..oooops, shoot. The CAT


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