Thursday, October 16, 2003

High Tech?

Dear Mouse, A lesson that I learned last weekend is not to trust the latest communication technology. For more than two weeks now, it baffled me not to see the forwarded e-mails from home to my office outlook. I dismissed it as my own pc's glitch. Our office e-mail system has its own server that it was farthest from my mind that it would fail me. Part of the plan of attending the wedding is to visit my brother by asking him to pick us up from the wedding venue. A week before, I sent the information about the place, the date, the address and the map. Confident that the information was sent, i did not bother to call because I was too busy finishing reports before I take my one week needed vacation. Then one office associate failed to come. No phone call. No message in her voice mail and no e-mail. I checked my e-mail. The forwarded mails from home did not get in. I kidded myself that i forgot the stamps. I got a message however that my e-mail size is over the limit. Got to delete thousands of kbs of mails to free the capacity. Then I received internal e-mails. No problem. Then the guy next door panicked. No incoming mail. Voice mail and phone servers are down. The IT people worked double time. After putting them to work again. incoming mails rushed in and outgoing mails were sent. The system was overworked that from time to time, it goes wild that we dismissed as slowing down due to volume of usage. Now going back to the unreceived mail,my brother went to the wedding venue a week earlier due to miscommunication and the office mate was scolded for not calling-in sick only to find out that she did e-mail. Next time, I would pick up the phone and say I am coming. So where did we pass the night? We attended another party with a friend who took us in, in her place only after we accompanied her in another party. So from wedding party, we proceeded to the birthday party. The aroma of the food made me burp. Oh no. I could have missed the lesssyon (lechon for you) in the wedding party and could have helped myself with the laing. But my tummy is full, my pants was groaning . I was a glutton. Then home to a friend's place. Full and tired and sleepy. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz The CAT


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