Sunday, October 19, 2003


Dear Mouse, In his speech, Bush never failed to mention about the Abu Sayyaff and the US assistance to bring this group to justice. This band of kidnappers made some people believed that they are working for the Muslims' goal of an independent state by raising money for the organization. Some even believed that they were part of the terrorist cells that were trained in Afghanistan and their hate for everything Americans led them to prolong the captivity of the two missionaries even after the ransom was paid. Marcia Burnham belied all these beliefs in her book. According to her, the group was just after the money. The young captors wanted to migrate to the US or Afghanistan. If ever there was a mention about the MNLF cause, it was just a declaration of the hidden agenda of the Muslim leaders clamoring for an independent Muslim State...first the small islands, then Mindanao, Visayas and Luzon and the World. From the book, one can read how these Muslims can manipulate their Koran's teachings by justifying the killing of civilians and robbing them of their food stacks, money and other properties. The victims include babies. Greed came in various forms. Greed of generals and some government officials who asked for 50 per cent of the ransom. Greed of the leaders that made them increase the ransom of money from several hundred thousands to millions of dollars. Greed of some military officials who sell the ammunitions and arms that are properties of the Philippine Army. Greed of the captors'followers who killed an innnocent baby just to get the milk. The Burnhams admitted too that they succumb to this despicable human weakness especially when they were hungry for days. Reading the book makes you reflect on the different views of salvation. For Christians, killing is a sin that can send you to hell while the mere display of legs and hair and other body parts that are supposed to be covered can bring a woman to the eternal fire. Pardon me Mouse for not writing everything when there is too much to write about religion, faith, politics, human endurance... The CAT


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