Monday, October 13, 2003

The Wedding

Dear Mouse, As always, I left the invitation for the wedding at home. We were frantic when we could not find the house of worship where the wedding was supposed to take place. I called my friend in the house to inquire where the place is specifically located. The only structure that we could find was the half-demolished one level house with lots of debris infront the yard. No sign of chapel, house of worship or church as indicated in the map. The bride and her entourage were in the beauty parlor and the only person answering the phone was a guy who could have been of better service had he did not offer to give a direction.(my friend's bp was shooting up because of the misdirection). So to cut the story short, we found the place...a garden...errr I mean a backyard...converted into a garden ....for the wedding. My friend glowed... the minister's homily was 50 minutes...argghhhhh and I was sleepy. After two hours...(yes...2 hours...), with some nice words solicited from the friends after the homily...the couple was made to sit in the small presidential table...with the sponsors giving them roses as they came acknowledging their introduction to the wedding attendees, I thought, I was attending a cotillon.... It is not the fault of my friend. It is the fault of Jlo. (read: wedding planner). So it was also a reunion of some classmates. A former A tried to ignore me. hmmmm Congratulations and best wishes to the couple. The CAT


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