Wednesday, December 31, 2003

cath_cath banned by Admin.Registered: Jun 2003 Location: USA

Dear Mouse, The Karinderia owner wrote the ff. questions re my banning. 1.will the cat mention the name of the forum? No, I won't mention the name of the forum. PEXman. totoo yan. 2. Can I get banned in the same forum Answer : it depends if you stoop to their level 3. and can I do it in a shorter time Answer: definitely What will get you banned in said forum? Now let me see, the words that start with f, b, s, and bs and ad hominems galore. Let me copy some of my responses: For the "B" word, I did not write bastaxx.. nor bullshxxx...nor buwakanXX But this was what I wrote. Dear Mouse, For a professor, this human being should have appreciated the use of the quotes and the bibliography. This indicates that the 1.research is not purely a product of imagination 2. it is not plagiarized from some sources3. it is based on some findings that have shown validity or nullity Now be a good human being, go to the library and get that Methods of Research book and look for the chapter in proper footnoting for a start. By the way, what do you teach, Bullshitting 101? or asskissing 102 ? The CAT Dear Snake, Pedophilia is a crime . One pedophile in Makati does not make phedophilia a culture of crime for Filipinos. To consider this crime cultural to Filipinos therefore is idiotic. Are snakes idiots? The CAT Dear Mouse, You can find a lot of cheats, scammers and counterfeiters in the USA and other countries but it does not necessarily mean that it is their culture.IT IS THEIR LUST FOR MONEY. Basain ang buhok ninyo, baka umabot sa utak, lumaki ng kaunti sa dilig. The CAT Dear Mouse, There are humans who write without thinking. Drink milk, may be you will get free brain from the milk carton. The Cat ahahaha Dear Mouse, The college instructor, pretending to have a title of a professor to which he is not qualified yet, does not know the meaning of soliloquy.Tell him the meaning mousey, or else I will give him a grade of F, oops a G. G is a tagalog word for i-d-i-o-t. The CAT Masyadong pikon ang mga tao. Magbebehave na nga ako, bukas.


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