Saturday, December 13, 2003


Dear Mouse, Dream 1 - Driving I dreamed that I was trying to learn how to drive. An instructor left me in the car that I started to drive at moderate speed. My car would turn to a big bike when I get past narrow alleys and then back to car again when I reach the main road. I consulted the dream dictionary and here is the meaning. Drive However, drinking from a bottle indicates an unsatisfactory romantic experience. You'll have a stroke of money luck if someone else was driving you, but if you were driving yourself, it is a warning to avoid gambling and be cautious in money matters for the next few weeks. Drinking from a bottle-naahhh I don't even drink. water yes, soda yes. Avoid gambling- Does it mean, I will not buy a lotto ticket. This is my interpretation. I am a flexible person. Dream 2 There was a program going on with Arnold Swars(whatever) was the master of ceremony. The guy misspronounced the names of the people I would like to thank. Meaning: If your dream involved meeting actors or actresses, be careful not to repeat gossip or you could lose a friend. See mousey, do not tell a soul about what I am writing here. This must be related to what I am going to do today. I am attending a Christmas get-together with my friends. It has already been a tradition to meet before Christmas, pot luck style, sing-along and exchange gifts. Two have kids aged two and three years old; one has a six month old baby and I am not going solo this time. I am bringing my "student". She may prefer to stay at home and talk to her friends in friendster but this is her first Christmas here in the States and I know it is not that merry compared to the Philippines. If she is missing her family back home, I would not know. She texts them every day. Dream 3 Carinderia Restaurant This is a dream of contrast in meaning which relates to your personal circumstances. If the restaurant was, by your standards, very posh and/or ostentatious, it is a warning that temporary reverses or a sudden extra demand on your resources will entail a need to economize; if the restaurant was of the type you would normally patronize, it signifies pleasant social activities connected with business; but if the restaurant was in the cheap, greasy-spoon category or a counter cafe kind, you can expect an increase in your income soon. Carinderia is a greasy-spoon type. he he he. The CA t


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