Saturday, December 13, 2003

Dream 2

Dear Mouse, Since this is Saturday, I went back to bed after posting my first blog about dreams. Then I dreamed again. Dream 4 I was in a conference. A lady from another country is seated facing me. What a seating arrangement!!!. The program came to a close and I do not even know what it is about. The lady was waiting for her husband when I saw her palm. I took interest in the palm that I read it for her. hehehe..(Now, I am palm reader) I saw that her palm has stars and map of an island. Parang geogpraphy. hehe. This is my palm reading. She is stubborm because her lifeline is very much separated from the heart line. The stars and the island symbolize power. She must be a daughter of a military or a politician from her country. When I asked her if it is true. She said yes... I was contemplating already to wear a turban and computing the fee where I will have a gross margin of 65 per cent after deducting the rent, lights and props for a palm reading business, when the telephone rang. Kj naman. Meaning of the dream: Palm A legacy or an unexpected valuable gift is likely to follow a dream featuring the palms of your own hands or those of others. Sheesh And I bought cheap gifts only because that is what we agreed on for the Christmas get-together. Meaning of Foreigner To dream of a foreign place or country indicates that the realization of your heart's desire is closer than you imagine; persevere and have patience. A foreigner in your dream, whatever the nationality, is an auspicious omen if he or she was friendly. Let me see, she was aloof and left me when the husband came. Now what, CAT.... Meaning of Clairvoyance You are likely soon to be contemplating a change of occupation if your dream featured the possession and/or use of psychic powers. Consider carefully, but don't make the change unless there is some means of ensuring it will be for the better. It is all the fault of W. He hinted that investigation may be a good profession for me after reading my blog about the poor lady scammer. Ow and also the dream of having clairvoyance power, I was contemplating on becoming a palm reader. I saw that in my dream. hehe. The CA t


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