Sunday, December 14, 2003

Because of a dream

Dear mouse, Congratulations to my sister. My sister was in her last semester in her BSN when she got married and became a full time housewife. Last year, she dreamt of our mom encouraging her to finish her BSN. She did. Today, she is one of those who passed the Nursing licensure exam. She got kids and a degree-- in that order. My other sister is a nurse too. She finished her BSN from UP, made it to the top ten, worked in PGH and migrated here in the States. She got a degree and a kid--- beautiful four year old that order. My new-nurse sister is sickly when she was a baby. She had asthma; so severe that every week she was in the hospital. When she was in high school, she would come home weak and sick. My mom paid extra attention to her. But when my grandfather had a stroke, I saw her how she took care of him. She fed and washed him until he died. She was never afraid to touch him. It was then that I thought, she would be a good nurse. My mom and grandfather must be very happy up there. My sister told me that she had classmates in the review school who are already doctors. They took up nursing so they can come to the States and work. I am wondering how come some Filipinos scoffed at people who want to enhance their employability by changing career. Some self-acclaimed political analysts blame all but themselves for the Filipinos' penchant of pursuing careers that are in demand abroad. Given also the chance, they would not hesitate to take any job just to stay here in the States for good. I know of some people who disparage some of our department store sales people in the Philippines as nothing but college graduates without employable skills so that they are willing to accept a measly wage for an eight hour- stupid job. I read one blogger who has impressive credentials but took the same "stupid" job in the retail in the US because even his credentials from a State university would not give him a 9-5 job desk and yet he still looks down on Filipinos who are merely trying to eke out a living, back home. Some of these "US relocators" are humbled; some blurt out to whine and some merely disappeared from the cyber world. One wrote that she avoided traffic and found traffic here worse in some areas. Yes, Virginia, you will not apprecciate an ugly pair of shoes not until you see a man without feet. The CA t


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