Thursday, January 08, 2004

Optical illusion

Mine is an optical mouse. Instead of a ball, it has a small red light in its belly. Since that IT guy did not explain to me what makes it different from my original mouse that expired due to shock from news I browsed , I thought, it is optical because it can create optical illusion. Yes, it does. While other KSO(Kasama sa opit)who are still using the ordinary mouse that has flat right and left ears are simply amazed how I can shift from one spreadhseet to another without having to drag or click stubborn icons--a function that gives me not only a CTS but also AA. Not only it can scroll or browse by manipulating the red light but it can crawl on any suface without its arm (puwedeng pangamot, my leg (pangmasahe para sa mga legs na hindi naeexercise dahil palaging nakatitig sa monitor.) and face ...for a facial massage. So my mouse is free to roam. It is not restricted by the size of the mouse pad wwhere it lies on its stomach 24 hours a day. The last one I had was a piece where you can insert a calendar, a picture or a reminder. I chose to insert a picture of a Mars resident that I hate. What a nice feeling to have my mouse crawl over his face. PRICELESS. But this is not the subject of my blog today. See: Mouse: !@#$%^& CAT: You lost your tongue to the CAT, mousey? Mouse: @#$%^& CAT: It seems that you are incoherent today, mousey. Got shocked or what. There is a personality disorder that characterizes such symptoms. Mouse @#$%^& CAT: Okay , mousey, I got a translator ala Eddie Murphy. I want to know if you were subjected to animal cruelty. Mouse: @#$%^& CAT: Ow you have been roaming around and sleuthing. Mouse: @#$%^& CAt: What you mean by behind the scenes ? Hold on mouse, this server keeps kicking me out. (@#$%^&&*) The CA t


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