Wednesday, January 07, 2004

Scrambled eggs, Pinakbet ?

Dear Mouse, Scrambled eggs. This was the term used by Rina Jimenez David of the to describe the mad scramble of the politicians to be included in the senatorial slate (godknowswhateverpartyacceptsthem) for May 2004 election. To quote her: IT'S like watching scrambled eggs cooking, this process of coming up with senatorial lineups as well as presidential-vice-presidential teams in preparation for the May elections. The omelets on the political burners make for an interesting mix of recipes, including farm-fresh eggs as well as the cracked, spoiled and rotten. There are eggs from all sorts of species: lame ducks and dodos, spring chickens, turkeys and dinosaurs, birds of a feather as well as perpetually fighting cocks, doves of peace, vultures, birds of prey, poultry fattened on synthetic hormones and native "self-supporting" chickens scratching for food from the bare earth. Kulitmodaw used rigodon but mentioned other kinds of animals, elephant, tiger and snakes. Does the elephant represent people who do not forget and forgive? Does the tiger represent those people who can kill their prey and the snakes for fork-tongued politicians. Another columnist, whose name slipped from my mind at this moment used another recipe to call this political merry go round, pinakbet. Are the ampalayas, the people who felt bitter because of dissilusionment from not being chosen to run for a particular position? Are the "talongs", the people who are willing to be included in any recipe although they can stand on their own as a main ingredient like tortang talong, inihaw na talong or just boiled talong with kalamansi and bagoong? Are the "okras" the people who salivate for positions so that they do not care if they sleep with strange bedfellows? Or are they the okray okray people who may be intelligent but are crazy to the max. Wanna coin another term, mousey? The CA t


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