Saturday, January 03, 2004

Lights, camera, action

Dear Mouse, I watch movies not because of the actors but because of the director. Movies make actors and not the other way around. Before Rusell Crowe became a hit in his Gladiator movie, he appeared second billing to other top Hollywood actors. I am not going to talk about movies here. But I will be talking about an actor, a director and a producer. Fernando Poe Jr. If someone yells phleaseeeeee, shoot me. Politicians have their publicity machinery to shape their image. For her vice-presidential election bid, GMA was ripped off her intellectual persona and was packaged as a Nora Aunor look-alike. She was made to sing, dance and forget her supladita and Assumptionista t'wang...all for masa's sake. She won as vice-President with more votes than Estrada. Estrada was already the darling of the masa but everyone knew that he is not poor. So aside from his trademark wrist band, he floated in his slogan, Erap for Mahirap. 2004. A veteran of movie industry, Fernando Poe Jr. is the actor, director and producer of his campaign program. First, the "pa scarce effect". That is Ronnie's trademark. Unlike other movie actors and actressess who made rounds of the TV shows for interviews before a movie is released, Ronnie simply avoided this publicity gimmick. Never did he approve of a write up linking him with his co-star for a romantic angle in order to arouse the interest of the movie fans. The pa"scarce effect" is working just fine for him. He does not have to explain his absence in some ceremonies that need his attendance. He knows where to make personal UP symposium, in a publication's get together and in a gift-giving program where thousands of bags with panday's pic. were given away. For a candidate who just declared his decision to run, he must have made use of the helps from the duwende, tikbalang and nuno sa punso to come up with the well-prepared and well packed give-aways. Pasakalye lang yan. During the campaign, the wife will not be allowed to smoke in public. Bad for her sweet image. Will someone come forward to declare that she was an illegitimate daughter or son from one of his leading ladies? Will someone ask what happened to his FPJ Productions? Will someone ask if he stopped going to horse race track? It is a well-known fact that he is a political surrogate of Erap. It does not necessarily follow that power makers behind Estrada are still there. Some of these power makers are behind GMA not because they believe in her but she has more credibility to the business sector and international financial institutions. Despite the legitimacy issue, scandals and several attempts to overthrow the government, she finished her term. Money and political machinery do not guarantee winnings. If they were, Imelda could have been elected as the President of the Philippines. If Poe will rely on his political machinery, he will lose. The machinery is split into pieces. So what makes the candidates win ? popularity? So what makes some candidates run when they can only gather a few millions? That is mousey what you call positioning. A few millions that go to the nuisance candidate can make or break a strong contender for the position. A last minute withdrawal from the race of the nuisance candidate with a sizable followers is highly suspicious. Money may not be the object that makes him change his mind but a pledge for positions for some of the people in his flock may. It is only during election when the common tao could use the only genuine influence they ever possess-the vote. Some put a price on it. It is during election when the rich businessmen contribute to the moral decay in wholesale volume by financing the election campaign of candidates who are going to be the protectors of their interests. Oops, did I tell you mousey that my other resolution is not to write about politics. No, I did not? Ladies' privilege to change minds. GMa said that she is not going to run, so did Miriam Santiago. Shall I say, they lied and me too.hahaha The CA t


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