Sunday, January 04, 2004


Dear Mouse, The production of DA RETURN OF THE KING is suffering a hitch. The choice for the leading lady by the DIRECTOR/ACTOR/PRODUCER was not well received by the CAST who were handpicked by the WRITER due to their dog-like loyalty. I did not believe when I read that "Dancing Lady Oreta " wanted out of the movie because she wanted family unity for Aquinos. What family unity is she talking about? The AQUINOs is a clan of butterflies when it comes to politics. They wear different colors and different hats. They believe that boats would not capsize if there are two people rowing in the opposite sides. Next to bolt is the upstaged prima donna of the old movie. In the previous movie production, she shared stellar billing with the Crying Lady. She was the character that brought volumes of law books in the movie set in order to check if her dialogues were in accordance with US and RP Constitutions, SCRA and other decided cases that she could use to impress the viewing public of her acting ability. If she could not sway them to her side, she challenged them with death-defying stunts like jumping out of a plane without a double. The prima donna whose screen monicker is BRENDA told the Writer that she could not work with the CRYING LADY due to political differences. Another source, however said that BRENDA who lied that she would forget about politics when her son died months ago bolted from the CAST because the WRITER promised her to be the leading lady of the DA KING and HE LIED. Poor woman, she could not take people lying. Another who expressed of her withdrawal from the movie is the daughter of the Original Drama Queen , Imee. She has to face reality. Their fans do not go beyond their fiefdom. The Fans CLUBS of the writer are not happy as well. These groups which are responsible for the "hakot crowd of toothless , rubber slippers-wearing and shirtless fans" cannot take in their hearts to cheer for a lady whose credible performance in the movie, THE VELARDE FILE ended the acting career of their idol. He was suspected of being a ghost writer of a movie "THE ART OF WAR' with real soldiers in the main cast. It laid egg in the theatre. The leading characters did not have acting ability but to cry. Where will you see a movie where men cry. Sheeesh. . The Writer must be suffering with a big headache in his knees (hehehe) . By this time he must have already realized that there is no secret for success but the key to failure is to try to please everyone. (Where did I read that?). How would he ask the "DA KING" to drop the Crying Lady in favor of his annointed ones when it took him months to persuade him to run? Oh by the way someone is missing in the scene, where is the Gaffer? Patalastas folks. See my new link, kulitmodaw. Kamukha ko raw? Hindi naman ako pangit.hehehe. The CA t


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