Sunday, January 04, 2004

Tadaaa and the winner is according to my crystal ball

Dear Mouse, As I promised, I am not writing about politics. Now I am writing about fortune telling. I am using my crystall ball, a gift from a friend who spent holidays in Mexico. Made in China. $ 9.99. Ow even the fortune tellers were offshored? So, mousey, brace yourself, as I peered into my ball for the most likely winner in 2004 presidential race. Owww, I can see something. The first name of the candidate has a letter A. Mouse: (rolleyestotheleftandright) Fernando has A, Gloria has A and Raul Rocco has A. CAT: Do not be impatient, Mousey. There is another letter becoming visible. The last name has an O. Mouse:(rollyeyeswhilechewingthetailtohideimpatience) Arroyo has O, Poe has O and Roco has O. CAT: Come on mousey, I am not done yet. I will have a consonant instead. The vice-president of the candidates have N in their fist names. Mouse: (rolleyeschewingthetailtohideimpatiencetailingthecattohideboredom) Noli has N, Loren has N and Herminio has N. CAT: Okay, another consonant, coming up. The first names of the spouse of presidential candidate who is going to win has an S. Mouse:(rolleyeschewingthetailtohideimpatiencetailingthecattohideboredomyawning) Ahaaa, this time you eliminated Gloria. Da King's wife's name is Susan or Jesusa, Raul's wife is Sonia. Gloria's husband is Mike. Miguel. CAT: Ow I thought his name is Jose Pidal. bwaahaahahahaha. mouse: xyz#$%^&*()_+ CAT: wnat to buy a vowel, mousey? The CA t


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