Sunday, February 15, 2004


Dear Mouse, Mousey, I am now a great philosopher. Call me Confused-use. According to Edicio de la Torre, convenor of the "Pinoy si FPJ" Movement, a decision by the SC disqualifying Poe from running could provide some of his supporters the needed excuse to mount a wave of violent protests. "It's hard to speak conclusively. We don't want trouble but they (Malacañang) are provoking us. This is a highly-charged case and the Supreme Court should decide objectively. There is something worse than rebellion and that is anarchy," he added. Confused-use says THE GREAT CATASTROPHIES IN LIFE ARE THOSE (narrated by desperate people and emotional blackmailers)THAT HAVE NOT HAPPENED YET. Translation:Nalunod na bago pa naligo sa dagat. Pimentel said that while it is the right of Poe’s followers to protest, the scenario of civil strife breaking out is far-fetched There is neither any basis for the report that the opposition will disobey Supreme Court ruling on the issue, Pimentel added. Confused-use says,Some people are not in the same page but has the same url.Give them bookmarks please. Translation: Ilabas ang beer. Newest spokesman Francis Escudero, two leaders of the FPJ Movement and several movie stars intoned that Poe will never call for violence. But they quickly added, as if on script, that he will not be able to stop contrary plans of other fans. They in effect were saying he has no ability to control his men. Sadly they nicked the image of the man they tout to unite the fractured nation. Confused-use says . The worst day of your life is when you have not laughed. Translation: Hindi naman komedyante nagpapatawa. Archie-(Archie who ?)the twenty year old fiancee of Madam Auring (Madam Auring who?..the 60ish former-beautician-turned-celebrity-fortuneteller) said when asked on his first impression of his girl friend older than his mother-Akala ko po noong una siya yong type na-easy-to-get.Yon pala hindi. Programhost: Anopala siya ? Archie=Totoong tao pala siya. Confused-use says some believe that love is blind.I beg to differ. This young man is not blindly in love. He isn't blind not to see that her plastic surgeries did not turn her into a wax/mannequin. Translation:Walang maasim na gatas sa uhaw na bata. hehehe. The CA t Happybelatedtomybraderlast Feb.12.


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