Friday, February 13, 2004

Say it with Fish

Dear Mouse, Today, is Friday the 13th. A special day for black cats that have to do list among others,running infront a human being suffering from Triskaidekaphobia.(fear for Friday the 13th). But I would not talk about it. I like to talk about the celebration and un-celebration of Valentine's Day. This is the day when the cost of flowers shoots astronomically. In the morning program of the newly-wed Julius and Tin tin, I saw that a bouquet of a dozen of red roses costs about 2,700 peysos. Wow. Sandali, my abacus is converting it to dollars. Almost 50 dollars. hmmmm. My former opit mate used to order a bouquet for herself and have it delivered during office hours. Tapos,nakangiti siyang magsasideglance sa mga beatified candidates for singleblessedness, complete with facial expression of surprise--- Oh flowers for me,I wonder who's my secret admirer. Hi hi hi. Gusto kong ihambalos yong plastic na rose sa aking vase. Kung hindi ko pa alam. One time kasi,she ordered the roses from our vendor flower company. Okay lang sa opit yon as long as you reimburse the company. The AP girl was tracking what department to charge for the expense when she saw her order on the 13th of february to be delivered on the 14th with the wording. To My Love - S . S as in Self. hehehe For the Manilenos , they are saying it with kisses. Not the choc candies but kisses to their spouses in public. Outrageous? No. Read about it here. Manila Mayor Lito Atienza and his wife will lead a Valentine's Day attempt by the Philippines to break the world record for the most number of couples simultaneously kissing in public. Atienza, 62, said he would close off a two-kilometer (1.6-mile) stretch of one of the city's busiest streets for "Lovapalooza", an attempt at midnight (1600 GMT) by at least 5,000 couples to kiss for 10 seconds while forming a single line. The old record was set by 4,500 couples in the Chilean capital Santiago last year, Atienza told reporters. While the US popular greeting cards company has a cute pair of kissing bears,the Chinese prefer the pair of kissing fish.Chinese lovers say it with fish. Young couples in China have now taken to exchanging tropical fish instead of giving each other roses on Valentine's Day. Kissing fish are the most popular Valentine's gifts with angel fish not far behind, reports the Xinhua news agency. Xu Jinlun, owner of the Jiangyin Flower and Bird Market in Shanghai, said: "Thanks to the holiday, sales are booming. We sell 30 pairs of kissing fish per day." Gong Jin, a customs official, who is contemplating buying a pair of the fish for his girlfriend, said: "They are so lovely and meaningful for that special day." And another customer, Bi Youmin, said: "Whenever my girlfriend sees the fish, she will think of me. (mukha kaya siyang siyang talakitok o sapsap..biwo wang)And it will probably last longer than a flower.(Hanggang siya ay magutom at ipaksiw niya ang isda." For those who were dumped before Valentine's day, here is your chance to get even. Choose from the ff: features "Insult Gifts," reviews restaurants as suitable sites for dumping someone and posts profane poetry., homemade anti-Valentine's Day cards depict Cupid as "Fat. Naked. Dangerous" or proclaim "I'm so LONELY.", a cynics' novelty retailer of candies shaped like the ubiquitous chalky "I Love You" hearts. These candies are inscribed with slogans like "Do My Dishes" and "Pre-Nup Okay?" 4. ( a "Strike Back at Cupid" electronic card , including a game to shoot the cherub with his own arrows 5. Ebay- CD-ROMs that generate imaginary girlfriends and boyfriends are on auction at eBay. The online auctioneer last month banned real people from offering such services. Now let me see, I willl try to remember what I did with that geeky-Mensa member date of mine.Parang pinakulam ko. Buwang na iyon...may asawa pala. The CA t


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