Wednesday, February 25, 2004

Lost in Translation-Not theMovie

Dear Mouse, 1. Poe is not joining the debate. His crash course program must have crashed. Translation: The teacher is mum about the rating. Movie playing: Low Waist Gang 2. Poe shrugged off the offer, saying a debate was just "pure talk." "Debates divide (the) people. 'Tsaka puro salita 'yun, wala namang nagagawa (Besides, that is pure talk, and nothing is being accomplished)," he told reporters. Translation: All talk and no action does not make you an action star. Movie Playing: Tough Guy 3."Mabuti sila na magdebate muna (Let the President and Roco debate between themselves first)," Poe initially told reporters Friday during a break in the motorcade and rally at the public plaza.Poe said that he might join the debate, pagdating sa dulo. Translation: Got to wait for teacher to agree to go to the length of explaining that the depreciation of the peso is caused by the demand and supply and not by his candidacy. Movie Playing "Umpisahan Mo, Tatapusin Ko" ( one of his movies) 4.He would only accept the challenge for a presidential debate if it would be held in depressed areas like Payatas in Quezon City where people would be allowed to ask questions. Translation: It helps to be with the adoring fans regardless whether you talk gibberish or you do not talk at all. Movie Playing: Mga Alabok sa Lupa The CA t


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