Thursday, March 25, 2004


Dear Mouse, Let us have a definition of terms lest the readers might think that my fingers are orthographically challenged. RIP 1 a : to tear or split apart or open2 : to divide or disrupt by the pull of contrary forces BOONDOCKS: rough country filled with dense brush While the whole nation is agog with the coming election that will decide who is going to rule the group of islands for the next six years, the other government is watching in the sideline--- make money by charging taxes to the candidates for the permission to campaign in their area ; distribute leaflets in order to attract members and sympathizers and desperately maintain the the boondocks as the last stronghold of Maoist principles and teachings that had long been discarded in China. Boondock Queen wrote: Today unfortunately, these armed and "uncontrolled" black-sheep rebels bullied their way into homes of my poor dear neighbors in the boondocks, demanding rice, live chickens, etc. Some residents are suspect of connivance. But what choice is there for them? Run to the authorities like the police or CAFGU's (Citizens Armed Forces Geographical Unit)? Believe me, this is a big joke! Ha! And this is where our "legal" taxes go? The heartbreaking fact is that the common people, the regular Juan dela Cruz remains the object of two perceive opposing forces and eventually gets caught in the crossfire with no legitimate choice. Conniving with the rebels makes one a state enemy. Report to the authorities and be hunted down by the armed revolutionaries. Yet, the regrettable truth is that only the reactionary blind in our civil society are oblivious of this atrocious syndicate between the two forces. This is the zenith of all crimes about my country today. The truth has long been buried and forgotten. How can anyone "mother the land" one loves if fear of reprisal exist between the twin powers claiming to be protectors of the people? Now I understand, more than ever before, why more and more Filipinos are spread all over the globe. AMEN. Amen, my queen. My country has been RIPped apart. There are two existing governments and many people, especially those in the urban areas do not realize this sad truth. The poor pay taxes to the legal and alternative governments. The contest between and among the bets for the highest position of the land is settled in the election. The contest between the leadership in the alternative government is settled in their own way---their justice system--execution. Note the quick response of Rosal about the support of JOMA SISON to Legarda. He disclaimed any thing that has to do with the founder of the Party. There was a family here in the States who sought asylum for the reason that they were in the death list of these ‘unfriendly people from the boondocks”. When Enrile proclaimed that Fernando Poe is being supported by this “government”, the first thought that came to my mind is to give another demerit to the DA KING and a dunce cap for the once-upon-a time brilliant geriatric lawyer. When Escudero took the responsibility of exhorting the UP students due to no-show of the DA KING and delivered the message that the presidential bet would like the professionals to go back to farming, this CA t said ehh ? (taas kilay). Anong gusto nilang palabasin? Na katulad sila ni MAO TSE TUNG NA HINILA ANG MGA PROFESSIONALS AT EDUCATED ELITE SA FARM PARA I-IMPROVE ANG ECONOMY NG CHINA. The only similarity that Poe has with the Chairman is that they are both married to an actress. The CA t


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