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The Battle of Angels----Prequel to the Lord of the Ring Trilogy?

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The producers of the Lord of the Rings/Fellowship/Twin Towers and the Return of the Kings are contemplating to make a prequel with the focus on Hobbits. If my grandparents were alive, they could swear that the greatest prequel would be the Battle of the Angels where the philosophical question of the origin of Evil surrounds in one SIN called rebellious pride that was born in one beautiful Creation of God, Lucifer. But an interesting story about the origin of the creatures in the Middle World such as the fairies, dwarves, hobbits and other is that, they come from Angels. Angels that did not rebel but did not side with God too. I had no way to check this out, the bible said nothing about it.

My grandparents did not read John Milton’s Paradise Lost, either. I did not ask then but it stayed in my mind.

In Koran a poignant love story was about an Angel (Iblis) loving God but refused to bow to humans blamed the pride as the reason for the falling out.

---From Koran VII

And He created You, then fashioned you, then told the Angels, Fall ye, prostrate before Adam and they fell prostrate all save Iblis, who was not of those who make prostration.

He said, what hindered Thee that thou did not fall prostrate when I bid thee? Iblis said I am better than he. Thou createdst me of fire while him Thou didst of mud.

He said: Then go down hence. It is not for you to show pride here, so go forth . Lo thou art of those degraded.

The story matched with the Christian account about the rebellion of Lucifer ( light bearer in Latin) against GOD and the battle of angels that ensued later. According to the story, God created angels before the man and the woman. They were created according to HIS image and were endowed with the same powers. Were they the ones, GOD was talking to when He said on the sixth day, Let us make man in our image, in our likeness. Let them rule over the fish of the sea, over the birds of the air and over the cattle, over the wild animals and over all creeping things that crawl along the ground. Is this the reason why Lucifer rebelled? (italics mine). While he was anointed cherub and dwelled above the Throne of GOD, he was not really the ruler.

Lucifer (the name in Hebrew is Helel that means shining star) was so proud of his beauty and position that he thought he could rise to a level equal with God. The FIRST COUP D’ETAT. To be with such enormous power and his own kingdom to rule, he had to have followers. Although the deception of other angels were not written in the Scripture, we can say that unlike in the coup in the Philippines, the angels tempted were not disgruntled. It may just pure power driven.

God may have been a teacher. He is fond of testing his faithfuls. So he allowed the angels to be tempted in order to test their loyalties.

Look at the list of those (according to John Milton, in his Paradise Lost) who made the test, who failed and those who are conditional. They had angelic ranks of principalities, virtues, cherubims, serpahims and thrones. Those who were identified are shown below:


1. Uriel 2. Gabriel-this is the angel that appeared to Blessed Virgin Mary and Mohamnmed 3. Michael- this is the angel that is often portrayed to have driven Lucifer to hell with his mighty sword. 4. Raphael-the angel that drove Adam and Eve from Eden? 5. Uzziel 6. Ithuriel 7. Zephon 8. Abdiel


1. Satan 2. Beelzebub-some confused this as another name of Satan 3. Moloch 4. Chemosh 5. Azazel 6. Mammon 7. Dagon 8. Rimmon 9. Belial

There were other angels who fought beside Satan but were not in Hell. Shall we call them conditional. But conditionals mean they still have the chance to reform and go back to heaven. The Hebrew books said that there was no more chance for the fallen angels to occupy their previous positions. So where are they now ? Are these the creatures that inhabit the forest, the water and the air. Time and again, the fairy tale stories mentioned that they vanished when they no longer exist in the minds of people.


1. Adramelic and Asmadai –two thrones 2. Arioc 3. Ramiel 4. Nisroc

In this Lenten season, I brood over the TEMPTATION OF CHRIST. When Jesus was fasting for forty days he was offered by Satan the riches of the world. Many must have thought that it is stupidity for Satan to deceive the Son of GOD because he is a GOD. But this was not he was after for. Satan was after the man in Jesus Christ. The creature of GOD that he got jealous of.

Many succumb to temptations for the riches. They did not realize that they could not bring them in hell.

The CA t


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