Tuesday, April 06, 2004

Ghosts, Angels and God

Dear Mouse,
Ghosts are spirits of the dead. Many or some (?) believe that when innocent children die and or good people die, they become angels. Some may have experienced to have received a message or a warning from their dead relative. When she was alive, my mom shared us a ghost story. She said that my deceased father appeared to her with a sad face. The apparition lasted for only a for a few seconds and the message was my brother was sick. He was staying with a relative in the province. She immediately left for the province and found my brother was indeed sick but was too shy to tell my uncle.

Yes, spirits do bring messages but their appearance to the mortals is different fromangels. Their presence is marked with a familiar scent (like the perfume used, the smell of the hair or clothes and or flowers) but a chill comes next. They usually come without feet (according to my mom) and either they appear as misty substance or in their original form depending on their abilities to reach the other side.


Angels are different. Their appearance is marked with warmth, light and colors. The feeling is that of happiness and calm serenity.

My lawyer friend is a religious woman but is a worry wart. One time our flight was delayed because the outbound plane had to wait for the transfer of a stroke patient to a hospital before it can allow boarding of passengers. She worried that we would never get home as early as possible. She received a disturbing news from home that her daughter got bitten by a dog. She was a widow and only a trusted nanny took care of the kids when she was away. The list of the chance passenger in the next flight kept on getting longer. We were a few names away from the last.

She sat down and prayed. Then she smiled at me. I thought she had gone loco. But no, she said that we can get accommodated in the plane. She nudged me to go with her in the counter. Hesitantly, I allowed her to push me between bodies until we came face to face with the airline personnel who was in charge of the check-ins. He got a poker face as he repeated to us the words. You wait.

Then came a Filipino and his daughter. He said the he was cancelling his flight. His blood pressure was on the high side and the daughter was worried that he might get worse if he flies.

My friend had already talked to him and the man was gracious enough to insist that we be accommodated instead. The personnel was hesitant at first when he saw our names at the end of the list.

Aboard the plane, I can not resist asking my friend how she knew what was going to happen. Can I now open an office for her and compete with Rene Mariano or Madam Auring.? She became an instant psychic.

She narrated to me how she prayed and felt two assuring hands on her shoulder with a whisper that we can fly. The experience gave her calm serenity and an inexpressible joy.


Cults are headed by people who claimed they receive messages direct from GOD. No messenger, no angel. They claim they have a direct line with the Universal CEO.

After I watched the special reports about these people, I am convinced that the lines may be a crossed line from Down Under. Someone is impersonating SOMEBODY.

While these cult leaders wallow in luxury, living in mansions, the real GOD was homeless. He and his disciples slept wherever their feet brought them. While these cult leaders ride the vans with convoys of bodyguards, GOD chose the lowly donkey and a worn banca of Simon that almost sunk due to the STORM. While the cult leaders collected imported and expensive wines, He had to convert jars of water into wines for a wedding of one of his disciples. While cult leaders collect expensive shoes, He walked barefooted. While cult leaders have loyal followers who serve as bodyguards and are willing to kill or die for their Master, the real GOD had to stop Peter from killing a soldier with his sword. While cult leaders are arrogant, He was meek that he taught the offering of another cheek. While the cult leaders claimed that GOD instructed them to vote somebody, HE said ---give unto Caesar ....

The CA t


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