Thursday, April 08, 2004

Guardian Angels

Dear Mouse,
Some tell me that I am childish to believe in angels. I prefer to use the word child-like for it is the innocence of the child that makes us see the world without prejudices.

Without innocence,we see the world with lables, judgments and distortions. We cover ourselves with layers of habits , fears,selfishness and anger that isolate us from our natural state. Sometimes these titanic forces ultimately destroy us and make us look for deeper meaning of life.

Great religions mention about angels. St. Ambrose, Dante, Dionysus attempted to define the ranks and orders of angels--seraphims,cherubims,thrones,dominions,powers, principalities, archangels and angels.

The archangels and angels are the guardians of people.

In the succeeding centuries, when salvation was focused on Jesus Christ, interests about angels waned although the NewTestament mentioned about the angels that the three Marys found in the tomb of Jesus Christ announcing His resurrection.There were also angelswho came after his temptation. It was an Angel who brought Him the Cup, the acceptance of which symbolized His readiness to perform His role as the Messiah.
The question is,if we have angels,why don?t we see or feel their presence. My mom told me that angels are more active before we reach the age of reason. After that age, he allows us to develop as a being with free will--from time to time ,warning us,reminding us and saving us from danger.

Why you do not have angelic encounter ? Try shedding the prejudices and forget the ego that makes us believe that we know everything. Whatever that we cannot fathom is to us unbelievable.

Try talkingto your angel.Adi has a name for you.

The Ca t


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