Friday, April 09, 2004

Good Friday-2

Dear Mouse,
I was on leave since Thursday. In our department, I am the only Cat--holic--one is a Buddhist, one an atheist and the rest are Christians. Good Friday is not a holiday except for Filipino-owned-enterprises. An office associate asked what I am going to do during my break. Aware of the mixed reviews of the movie Passion, he was interested to know why we Catholics focus on the sufferings of Christ. He almost fell out of his chair when I told him, I will nail myself on the cross. O di nataranta siya.hehehe

Teachings daw the whole Holy Week nga teachings na. I remember when our old folks would forbid us from:

1. bathing-magkakapekas daw...for kids, who had aversion to taking a bath---this was more of a respite from daily torture of being subjected to brisk swipes of rough face towels. (sa probins, hilod ang gamit). The yaya would not let you go not until you "sparkle" in cleanliness--reddish pairs of ears--red eyes--libag-free necks--and well combed hair. Then she dutifully cleaned the "wash room" with the water saved in the "catch basins" where we usually stood for our final rinsing.

The showers were used only by the adults , otherwise, the head of the family would get a heart attack upon seeing the electric bill. Yes, Virginia, there were such households that were never dependent on MWSS.

2. nailgrooming - baka raw masugat--hindi gumaling agad

3. making noises - ano raw kami Hudyo na nagsasaya habang naghihirap si J.( hindi ko alam ang ibig sabihin ng hudyo noon, akala ko sila yong sundalong nagpako kay J.

Pag nasa probins naman, bawal ang umakyat sa puno at maligo sa dagat.

If that was not suffering, what was?

The CA t


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