Tuesday, June 29, 2004


Dear Mouse,

Did you have any warning dream ?

Days before my friend had a car accident in Nevada, he dreamt of driving uphill. It was foggy he could not see the road. Despite the cold weather, he was perspiring inside the car. Then he saw the vision. The car fell into the ravine. He was shouting but no one heard him. He saw a light emanating from above. Then he awoke.

If you care to read.

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At 10:52 PM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

Four years before my mother expired I saw her in a dream dying with a bald head. When I woke up, I hugged her tight and told her about my dream. We both dismissed it. I mean, it was ridiculous. Why was she bald? She didn't have cancer, wasn't having chemotherapy, and surely not a fan of Sinead O'Connor. As time went on, what unfolded was that she had aplastic anemia. Still, the "bald dream" doesn't add up. Then last year she fell and hit her head. Aplastic anemia patients have very low platelet counts and uncontrolled bleeding was always the problem. CT Scan revealed a massive bleeding inside the brain. She was already comatose at this time. The choice then was to operate --- release the blood from her skull and liberate the brain from pressure. But the chances of her surviving the operation was almost zilch. I got the best neurosurgeon in town but still he couldn't look me in the eyes and guarantee anything. It was the ultimate gamble. People who get operated intracranially have their heads shaved --- totally. To the last hair. Then I remembered my dream. I decided not to operate anymore. Jinky came and told me a lot of things, much like the stories you are relating. She prayed for her and told me I made the right decision. I could have kept my mother alive thru medical means, but I decided not to. It was a painful decision on my part, but I think it was the right one. Dreams give us glimpses of what will come to be. Even Jose Rizal had dreams of his execution years before it happened according to Ambeth Ocampo. So no matter how ridiculous your dream seems to you, do not dismiss it totally --- it might be an important message that you should heed.

At 5:38 AM, Blogger cathcath said...

Dear Doc,
Sometimes,paranormal dreams tune in on events in the distant future, sometimes only a few hours away.

At 11:51 PM, Blogger Dr. Emer said...

I have read your ILOVEYOU post. While material things have really no value on the other side, the real "currency" there has a lot to do with emotions. Whatever "investment" you made here in terms of kindness, bitterness, charity, fear, hate, anger, and yes, love, will surely be treated as "legal tender" there. Good or bad. It works for both. So, maganda siguro kung ang investment eh lagi na lang good, hindi ba? =) Jinky told me that one of the reasons why there are so many earth-bound souls is because of the bad feelings and emotions they have "invested in" while they were alive. Your story validates this.

Tama ka. Say ILOVEYOU more often to people you love. If it does not make any sense to you now, you can be sure it will make sense to you and the person you told it to, in the future. If not here, then it will definitely make sense there.

I have always hugged and kissed my parents when they were alive. I have no ILOVEYOUs na hindi siguro nasabi. Up to now, I'm puzzled why I have not cried since my parents left me (which is very recently lang, btw). Maybe that is part of the reason why. Maybe there is no heaviness in my heart. Maybe because they know I love them very much. Pero puzzled pa din ako. Friends and bestfriends have urged me to cry, but there are simply no tears. Ayoko naman pilitin.

Sana me story ka din about another "currency" that works in the afterlife. Its called prayers. Souls get elevated because of these. I already knew about this even before she told me about it.

Thanks again for posting your stories. Heart and mind-opener ka, Cath. I hope other readers are equally touched. =)


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