Saturday, October 09, 2004

Clairvoyance and Earthquake Part 2

I theorized that the original was already taken away and the Icon at the altar was a mere reproduction.

I was kneeling on my knees not because I was praying. I was trying to find out if those droplets of blood were really human or were just parts of reproductions.

To my friend who was seated in one of the pews at the right side of the altar, I appeared to be praying piously with my hands clasped in front and my eyes transfixed to the Image.

He attempted to take my picture; the camera won’t flash.

He got my camera in my tote bag. As he was about to take my picture, he stopped.

Instantly, I felt the strong vibrations through the floor and into my body. I was terrified. The whole place was crumbling. The noise was deafening that I covered both my ears and shut my eyes. I was transported in a place where I felt I was suspended in the air looking at big rocks, rolling; buildings, crumbling and the grounds, shaking. It had come to me to stop thinking for a reason. At that time, I was” giving birth” to what was most true in me not from the standpoint of an intellect but from my deep recesses. Intuitive sights flood through you when you give up mental control and allow a great force to take hold. The shaking stopped. I opened my eyes. The Church was in the same state before I had the vision. No earthquake.

I was back to my old self too. I stood up balancing myself as I still felt a little nausea swept over me.

I told my friend that there was an earthquake. He smiled and said yes.Therefore, it was not a vision, it was real.

“Yes, but I did not feel it”. He continued.

I could have told him, labo moh.

He elaborated that he was about to take my picture in my prayer form when he saw me swaying. At first, he thought that I was showing off for him. Then he saw me in a position that if someone would tell him that it happened, he would have never have believed it too. He said whew.

He suggested that we should keep it to ourselves. I said yes.

Nobody would believe anyway.

Driving home, we tried to analyze what had happened.

He commented that it was I who would like to know if there was really a miracle at the Loakan Chapel but it was I who ended up with up himala story.

I thought that it was not my spirituality that was in question here. The divine is right before our eyes, but so often we can’t recognize it. There are overeager people with visionary aspirations who ended up floridly psychotic and with megalomaniac mentalities.

Just like a sturdy tree, I need to have my feet firmly planted on the ground.I was not even worthy of an apparition of the Blessed Virgin and I did not think that's what happened.


July 16, 1990

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At 2:12 AM, Blogger celia kusinera said...

You are definitely a 'sensitive'. Do you regard it as a gift or a curse? I hope you can shutdown or turn it off to give you some respite from the bombardment of emotions that you pick up from other people and the greater consciousness. I do believe everyone has this ability although for the large majority it is dormant and of course the extent of receptiveness varies from person to person. But people like you are naturally blessed with this talent. I hope it enriches your life. Take care.

At 9:31 PM, Blogger watson said...

Speaking of the miracle at the Loakan airport, I was a kid then when we visited the chapel there where the Bleeding Heart was located. I saw the dried blood. It was really mind-boggling.

What's truly interesting are the photos that were taken of the rose petals that mysteriously fell in that area. You can clearly see outlines of the faces of the Sto. Nino, and some of the Virgin Mary. Too bad I don't know where these photos have gone to after all these years of moving from one house to another. Do you think there's any truth to all this?


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