Saturday, October 09, 2004

Clairvoyance and Eathquake

I prepared this article right after the strong earthquake hit the country, a few weeks back.Another tremor struck the islands. I got scared.

I decided to write this in the Now What, CA t because of some linking problems.

The scientific term for clairvoyance is precognition which means to recognize in advance. The word has a French origin that means to see clearly and the practitioner of clairvoyance is either clairvoyant or clairvoyante.

This kind of gift can not be produced at will. The warnings are not heeded at all. Among the ancient Hebrews, the people with this power were the highly regarded prophets.

Although their visions were expressed in poetic language or in lyricall verses, they were nevertheless using clairvoyance for their messages.

Apparently, the clairvoyant foresees the events and it happens as his time track crosses that of the event.

I am not a prophet. I do not consider myself a fortune teller,but a few years ago,I felt that I experienced to have pierced the barriers of time and space when I had the premonition of impending event without me realizing it.

May1990.The Story

We had just finished our summer camp at the Teachers’Camp.

My friend brought his car with him with the intent to drive around and to buy dozens of Baguio brooms in the last day of the training.

It was unselfish of us not to invite anybody else because we would like to cover more shopping places.

First, we decided to go the Grotto. This is the shrine of the Lourdes of France, a tourist spot, a mecca for many Marians.That was our first time to go all by ourselves with a car. We used to ride in a van with a group and spared us from the trouble of finding Landmarks. Unlucky me, I was with the human species that would not ask for directions, so we did not find the way going there.

Instead, we went to the Loakan Airport.

He said that he had heard of a “himala” story in a chapel by the airstrip.What about checking out its authenticity although the said “”miracle “ happened already years ago?

We used the unpaved road leading to the chapel for a shortcut.When we got there, at high noon, the place seemed to be deserted. The caretaker was standing a few meters away from the church patio.He just gave us a glance as we were about to enter the chapel and continued with his carpentry works.

The church was empty. The pews were arranged circular in manner. The altar was elevated with the bigger than life-size Blessed Virgin of Loakan at the center.

Unlike the other Virgin icons, this One was without a heavily beaded/ gold-embroidered raiment . Covering its simple blue robe were dried droplets of blood emanating from its exposed heart.

At the left corner of the altar, were old pictures and laminated pages of the newspapers where the story about the miracle was published.

My discerning eyes caught a troubling difference between the Icon in the altar and the photo in the old newspapers. The Blessed Virgin in the altar was not a wearing a crown of stars;the old photo did.

The Ca t


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