Thursday, November 18, 2004

Now, What ?

Dear Mouse,

Some wrote closure on this faye hoax thing. I don't, even if my detractors ask me to shut up.

First as Sassy had commented in my blog, there is a question on Cathy's parental authority.Ceres Doyo shared the same view with Sassy.She wrote:

I was curious about the legal implications of all these so I consulted a lawyer. “Estafa” [swindling] does not apply because there did not seem to be a financial motive. Apologies have been made so libel is out. But this case could fall under the "Special Protection of Children Against Child Abuse, Exploitation and Discrimination Act." Faye is only 12 years old and she has been dragged into this by her own mother.


The DSWD or whatever agency is responsible to children's welfare should look into the proper custodial issue.The mental instability of the mother which could cause irreparable damage to the psyche of the 12 year old kid. Faye also admitted that her mother physically abused as punishment.

Faye has not attended her classess anymore. I can sympathize with her. If more matured people in the cyberspace can call her names, what kind of reaction can we expect from much younger classmates or schoolmates of hers after the competition winning hullabaloo.


The school can make an arrangement for her until the impact of the hoax issue dies down.

Misplaced priorities message of Pat and the BLM still stands. This is not addressed to the government alone but also to star-struck Filipinos.


Adoption/installation of feedback or reporting system of government agencies about achievements/accomplishments of Filipinos in the areas that are in their direct supervision. These make reports official.

Budget for students/teachers/government employees who compete in the international competitions.

The Ca t


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