Tuesday, January 11, 2005

What Billions can buy

Dear Mouse,

Billions can buy mansions, expensive lawyers,loyalties of some government officials, support a half-dozen mistresses and illegitimate children nd bankroll candidacy of a friend.

Latest news is that some loose changes were spent to:

Rent a 2,700-square-foot unit in Parkview. Rates in the upscale condominium could go as high as HK$70,000 (roughly P538,000) a month.

host dinner at Parkview Restaurant "exclusively for his former Cabinet secretaries and their wives."

The dinner must have been included in the tour package.

buy dvd give-aways for ofws in HK to get their support for the plea plea to extend the stay of the ex-president.

Erap para sa mahirap at sa mga naghihirap ang kalooban na hindi pa siya nababalik sa puwesto niya.

Pakibaba nga ang kilay ko.

The Ca t


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