Saturday, January 08, 2005

Interview of Families

Dear Mouse,

The ABS-CBN media staff should know the word "security".

In search for more scoops, the ABS CBN dispatched a correpondent to Mindanao to search for the family of the new witness to the NIDA BLANCA murder for interview.

Ma die hard sana kayo. Remember in Die Hard 1 where the wife of Bruce Willis slugged the TV reporter who put her family in danger because they were shown in a live TV broadcast while they were battling with the "kontrabidas" of the movie ?

It does not take a genius to realize that they are endangering the lives of the relatives of the witness by exposing them to to the media.

Sobra na kayo.

The Ca t


At 11:23 AM, Blogger Major Tom said...

I guess we all want to read the juicier part of the news, ain't it?

At 3:04 PM, Blogger Jobert said...

Kasi naman, we all know naman that journalistic integrity is rare here. Dito kasi kahit mga news reporters pinapatulan ang mga showbiz tsismis. Dyan, si Dan Rather nga nagresign over sa George Bush bruhaha. Dito mangyari yon? SIguro swerte na tayo kung magapologize yung reporter o yung TV show.

I remember this bit of news where a girl was found dead. ABS-CBN reported that the girl committed suicide because she was found to be pregnant. The whole family of the girl complained. Turned out, she didn't kill herself. She wasn't even pregnant. I think it was the Inquirer that clarified the issue after investigating the incident.

ABS-CBN didn't even issue a correction or even apoloqize for the report.

Remember the height of the Kris-Joey incident. I blogged this before but at the same day, a bus overturned killing 25 on board. That bit of news was given 5 minutes airtime. Yung Kris-Joey sobra sa one hour yata.

Atsaka, I was a party for a semi-gov't org na iniimbestigahan that time. Nabanggit nung isang opisyal sa akin na laking pasasalamat nila kay Kris at Joey kasi daw nakalimutan na yung imbestigasyon sa kanila.

Ganyan ang news dito. Feeling ko nga dapat once a week na lang ang news programs dito tapos The Buzz na lang ang ipalit nila doon. Ooopss... teka. Baka may makabasa nito at gawin nga.

At 4:18 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

naku jobert huwag kang magdidilang anghel.


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