Friday, February 18, 2005

Lovers lose the ability to reason-I am the wife- 3

Dear Mouse,

This news article gave me a better understanding of my friend's mother whose relationship with her devious lover was found to be irrational and stupid by her daughters.

Scientists have found evidence that love really is blind. Scans of lovers' brains show that they lose their critical faculties when smitten, making them less able to spot flaws or potential problems.

The consequences of letting passion override rational judgment has been a common theme in literature. In Shakespeare's Twelfth Night, for example, Malvolio is persuaded to grin continuously and wear ridiculous cross-garters after he is conned into thinking that it is the wish of his beloved.

Phone : Ringggg

Me: Yelo...

Phone : I talked with my mom.

Me: So?

Phone : She was mad at me.

Me: Expected. Then. ?

Phone : Because she thought that I should not have confided in you, this embarrassing family problem.

Me: expected.Then.

Phone: I told her that you are the only person outside the family who can talk to her at her level.

Me: It turned out that it is only in some other matters and not in the love department. Then ?

Phone : She confronted her live-in partner but as usual he reasoned out beautifully that he turned the table against the legal wife.

Me: What do you mean?

Phone: According to him, he did not even know that the petition was approved. That he is willing to marry my mom.

Me: That’s crap. The US Embassy is not going to process the papers without the latest documents that they require from the principal petitioner such as income tax return or the latest W-2 or witholding statements, updated affidavit of support and latest photos with the petitioner.

Phone: He swore to my mom that he would even go to the INS to have his wife's visa revoked.

Me: How cruel but crafty. There is no visa to revoke. The wife will get the visa here in the States. The US Embassy does not stamp the immigrant visa in the passport anymore. The would-be-immigrants are furnished a special document to be presented to the INS at the US airport. The green card would be processed here. He cannot have it revoked. On what grounds? that he is going to marry your mother...without divorcing the wife ?

Phone : I do not know, my mom does not have any clue what she is going into.

Me: She likes to be a homewrecker ?

Phone: She called up the wife...


Got an appointment.

Have a nice weekend folks.

The Ca t


At 10:34 PM, Blogger Cerridwen said...

huhmmm...I am learning here...

~have a nice weekend Cat~ :)

At 10:27 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

the story that i am reading contineously about this woman, is like the story of "The Hemmorrhage of Salvacion", or in tagalog...."Madugong Daigdig ni Salvacion".may kamag-anak by siyang ang pangalan ay QUIRINA LANDIFAH? hmmmmmmm!!!


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