Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Mayor Who Blogs

Dear mouse,

Now the mayor, tomorrow will be the governor or the President.

Move over, Moonbeam -- Moonblog has arrived.

With a click of the mouse, Jerry Brown -- Oakland's mayor turned aspiring law-and-order attorney general candidate -- kicked off his very own blog this week with a slam at critics of his city's new 10 p.m. curfew for parolees. "These zealots can't accept the fact that strategic police work is saving lives in our city,'' Brown wrote in a barbed, 245-word stream of consciousness that was beamed to the world at www.jerrybrown.typepad.com.

Kainggit siya,intant hit.

But look at the comments:

1."Why are you wasting time with a blog when you have a city falling apart around you?'' asked fellow blogosphere traveler Tman.

2. "I sold my house in Oakland last year to escape your horrid administration.''

3.Blogger Flap advised: "Make this blog 'real' and people will read it. Keep on sounding like a press release and it (soon) will be ignored.''

4.It will be interesting to see how a politician handles this medium where all your critics are just as visible as you are. I predict either unprecedented enforced honesty, or you'll get bored with this before the election and it won't matter.''

Sino kaya sa politician natin ang magiging blogger din.?

Sana yong personal blog din kagaya halimbawa ng: "She's a beauty. I should have her, by hook or by crook. Got to ask my thinktank to cook some phony festivals to have an excuse of inviting this sexy lady at whatever price.Anyway, the tab is going to be picked up by my constituents thru representation expenses.hehehe.

username:The Congressman ermm the ghostwriter of a Congressman ermmm whatever. HEEE

Pardon me folks, it's my Dave Barry overload thinkin'.

The Ca t


At 3:07 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

say moh hah...si Jerry Springer..yong talk show host ng sabunutan, sapakan, hubaran at lahat ng katarantaduhan ng mga kano, ay mag rurun din na governor and already have a blog of his own. i forgot the name!hmmmmmm!!!


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