Friday, March 25, 2005

Good Friday

Dear mouse,

I never watched TV on Good Fridays because there was nothing to watch--in the Philippines.

So, Good Friday was practically a quiet day for me.

Here in the States, there were TV channels that show religious-themed movies. This Good Friday, there was none. But I chanced upon documentaries in History Channel that I found interesting---Angels, Good or Evil, The Preserved Saints and the Search for Holy Grail.

1. Angels

The authorities who discussed about angels have Doctorate degrees in Divinity from Harvard University.

They confirmed my belief that sightings that describe these winged creatures dressed in white with ethereal coverings with a message to carry out a mission are already passe.

The angels are depicted in many forms in paintings, sculpture, images and pictures.

I agree with a lady speaker who thought that the messengers of God may appear in human form, whiff of air, bright light and even as a ferocious animal.

One interesting statement of the lady reminded me of a movie of Paul Hogan--Almost an Angel.

She said that human beings have potentials to become angels.

Preserved Saints

I did not know that the "incorruptibles" were subjected to investigation by the scientists and medical doctors.

The "Incorruptibles" were the preserved bodies of people who were canonized by the Catholic Church as saints.

While they found some bodies to have been treated with herbs with embalming properties, many were considered naturally preserved.

With the advancement of techonology and science, the Vatican ruled out uncorrupted bodies from the canonization requirements for fear of hoaxes and artificial preservation.

Holy Grail

The novel of Dan Brown was based on the Bloodline theory of the Holy Grail, that is there is no Cup but instead the Grail represented Mary Magdalene, the female factor in the life of Jesus. There was a theory that with the death of Jesus, Magdalene, pregnant of the son of Jesus fled to Paris and might have produced descendants who now belong to royalty families.

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ay buti ka can watch. me i was working listening to all the complaints and the cursing and the swearing on the fon, ng mga hinayupak na airline pax. Happy Easter. anong chibog mo sa Easter Sunday? I will be at work again!!!! hmmmmmm!!!!


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