Wednesday, April 20, 2005

Pa-HIRAM ng Fan you Kris Aquino

Dear mouse,

I know how it is difficult to open my comment box. It's my internet provider folks. The firewall must be as thick as the Great Wall of China and the password open sesame must be recited by the Forty Thieves in order to open my e-mail. There was a time when they scanned the e-mail test that i sent to myself so long that I forgot what it was for when I received it. mweheee

Hindi biro yan, Tanungin ninyo si Jmom.

Because of that, I appreciate those who leaves remarks, kilometric at that and blog in my archive at that and worth to be heard at that. Since they were made in my archived blog, there is no way by which I can find them except in my comment/mailbox. And I want to share them with my readers too.Here is one.

In my blog, Give me a Bwreak, I wrote:

There is Geoffrey Eigenmann, who I believe is a son of Gina and Michael de Mesa, a grandson of Rosemarie and Eddie Mesa and nephew to Cherie and Mark.

Every time I see him, he is delivering kilometric dialogues about his pain,about lost love,about his sacrifice, blah,blah.

While he is mouthing his speaking lines, tears form in his beautiful eyes. The emotions run high as the lady partner delivers her tear jerking piece.

Now you see the young man soaked in tears as if he needs two aspirins to prevent heart attack.

Ang sakit ng panga ko. Ang sakit ng dibdib ko. Tigilan ninyo na ako.

This is a letter from a fan of Hiram.

To borrow Ms. Kris Aquino's words in "Pilipinas, Game Ka Na Ba?, let me salute you for your comments & tell you, "C-o-r-r-e-c-t"!Yes, it could have been in our Filipino culture that men don't usually cry, or for that matter would not shed a tear or two for just a miniscule problem. But in matters of the heart, that of LOVE - be it agape, eros or philos, man usually loses himself into the realm associated with women, that of "crying". But showing themselves in such situation will not demean their being one, but rather, add color their kind, that behind man's hard mantle is a soft spot & core for people to dwell upon!Besides, things change & "Hiram's" projection of Geoff as a crying specie even if he is a man portends of the changes in time, that man thru the years & thru the roller-coaster that life has presented him all these years, including the travails & tsunami disasters that had walloped & hit man aces after aces of serves & strikes in matters of the psyche & heart, had eventually settled to its precipitate role of an emotional other side to give way to human emotion & blend with the angst & pains experienced by the opposite sex.Anyway, so much for that, I just want to say thank you for the positive comment which otherwise requires a constructive rejoinder. By the way, I watch Hiram nightly as it sort of somehow, released the Hiram tensions I had in my mind's air-pockets. Moreover, because Ms. Kris Aquino & Dina Bonnevie are in it! Luv u Krissy!


The Ca t : Anong masasabi ko kung hindi, pa-Hiram nga ng Fan you. hehehe.

The Ca t


At 12:35 PM, Blogger infraternam meam said... the first place, i dont know who HIRAM is, but from the historical point of view, the name HIRAM is interpreted as "a cunning man, endued with understanding, a man who works in gold, and in silver and in brass" but most shocking of all the name HIRAM also in Hebrew means "exaltation of life, he that destroys, their whiteness and their liberty"
going to Kris Aquino...i think she really wants to be in the SPECTRUM OF LIFE.


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