Monday, May 02, 2005

Pinoy Ka ba?

Dear mouse,

Jobert of World Famous in the Philippines came up with new "you’re-a-Filipino"- if/when/because...

These are my favorites.

  • 10. When the government warns that a nearby volcano will erupt you ignore it. When a psychic mentions that an earthquake will happen at 5pm, you panic.
  • Except pag si Madam Auring ang nagsabi..

  • 12. Your brand spanking new nose job was done by the beautician in the nearby salon.
  • Anoh? Hindi si VickyBelo. ?

  • 13. Badminton is your latest sport
  • Titorolly AND COMPANY.....

  • 14. Your cellphone is more a camera than a phone.
  • So you’re weird if you insist to buy a cell phone that functions as a phone.

  • 16. U stl use txtspk evn wen chatng.
  • Even in the e-mail.

  • 17. The Buzz and Startalk is your source of news
  • The Buzz lang po ako. Wala kaming Channel 7 dito.

  • 20. You can easily name three of Kris Aquino's ex boyfriends but have a hard time recalling three presidents before Marcos.
  • I can name five.

  • 1. Alvin
  • 2. Robin Padilla
  • 3. Philip Salvador
  • 4. Joey Maquez
  • 5. Mark Lapid
  • The Ca t


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