Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Poetry is the food of the soul

Dear mouse,

Body needs nourishment so is the soul.

Allow this Ca t to feed its soul by publishing some poems that should be in my menu for these trying times.

Nobody Walks Alone

Oft' times when the highway of life seems rough and all of your dreams have flown, Just remember, wherever your road may go, Nobody walks alone.

When everyone has let you down and under your sins you groan, Just keep reminding your burdened heart, Nobody walks alone.

Then suddenly you'll feel His hand in yours, And His eyes lifting up your own, And you'll hear His gentle, forgiving voice: Nobody walks alone.

by Nick Kenny

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Only to Ask

All alone, I plodded upward, not asking aid from anyone, I alone, would be the victor, 'till the battle that would be won.

Oh the roads were rough and rocky and the hills were tough to climb, All alone-towards the summit, just a little at a time.

But I failed to climb my mountain, Oh, so close, I had to stop, And I hung my head in sadness, for I hadn't reached the top. And I wondered why the Master had not aided in my task, And I heard a soft voice answer, You had only but to ask.

Bill Carr

The Ca t


At 11:05 AM, Blogger infraternam meam said...

deep inside us..are those sentiments that bring forth our emotions to the Love of somebody Higher than us. i love and like the poetry, makes me become serious on this comment.

here's something that i always keep handy in my wallet.

"Tomorrow is a beautiful road
that will take you right where
you want to go....

if you spend today walking away from worry and moving toward
serenity; leaving behind conflict
and traveling toward solutions;
and parting with emptiness and
never giving up on your search
for fulfillment. If you can do
what works for you, your present
will be happier and your path will
be smoother. And best of all!!

You'll be taking a step
into a beautiful future."

by: Douglas Pagels
from his collections:100 Things to Always Remember...and One Thing to Never Forget.

At 6:50 PM, Anonymous bugsybee said...

Thanks CaT, serious 'tong post mo but I appreciate it a lot!

At 6:57 PM, Blogger cathcath said...

thank you for the poem.

At 6:57 PM, Blogger cathcath said...


minsan naman naloloka rin ako.
balistad ano.

At 2:46 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

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