Tuesday, June 07, 2005

A tail of two tapes

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The controversy of the "doctored" and "undoctored tapes is the subject of the story in the Inside PCIJ:Stories behind our stories.


A tale of two tapes

Here is one statement from the original and the spliced tapes.

Original tape

Gary: Sige sir … talaga namang aming inaalalayan si Bobby eh… talaga namang siya yung atin

Spliced Tape

O sige basta kwan, talaga namang aking inaano si Bobby e, talaga namang siya naman ang atin.

The Ca t's version of tale of two tapes.

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Speaker 1: Kumusta na ba yong pinaano ko saiyo sa kuwan?

Speaker 2: Ah yong ho bang kuwan. Ano na ho yon. Nakuwan ko na ho.

Speaker 1: Kung gusto ko tulungan mo si kuwan para sa ano niya.

Speaker 2: Huwag kayong mag-alala, ngayon din ho ay ipapakuwan ko na kay kuwan ang ano.

And here is the tail.

Updates :

A former lawyer of deposed President Joseph Estrada said Tuesday he edited the tape of conversations between President Arroyo and a still unidentified person in which they discussed rigging the 2004 election.

Allan Paguia, who had defended Estrada before the Sandiganbayan and the Supreme Court before being suspended by the Supreme Court, also admitted in an interview over DZMM radio that he even made the introduction heard in the audio recording


The thickens the plot. (garbled)

The Ca t


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