Thursday, June 12, 2003

CIS (Call-in-SICK) I got a sore throat. I cannot talk, so I was not able to blog yesterday. Today, I just copied what I have posted in a forum. The cat yawns AGAIN. The Erap camp tried all  strategies in their desperate attempt to save him from the plunder case. 1.Foment a class revolt Status-done Outcome:  the revolt  was a dud. The deposed President lower class supporters were not paid enough to lay down their lives for their  idol. The fomentor was apprehended and was charged of rebellion.  He asked for an air conditioned detention cell. Dear Marginalized Class, Now that is what you call asking for a classy custody at the people's expense. Class dismissed. The CAT  2. file motions after motions as delaying tactics status: done outcome: The courts thrashed the motions. The defense lawyers cried that there is no justice in the judicial system Dear Liars ermm lawyers, Do not be a fox. The grapes are not really sour. If there is no justice, it is time to surrender the license to practice and plant kamote. The CAT 3.request to travel abroad for health reasons status: done outcome: request denied. Medical experts posited that surgery can be done in the local hospitals. Dear Doc, I know of a popular evangelist  who claimed that he checked in at a famous hospital in order to have his blood pressure checked. It is cheaper to use the digital sphygmomanometer. According to the  survey conducted in the Catdom, health conditions top the list of reasons for flying to the USA for people who are evading or avoiding the Philippines laws. Matuluyan sana.  The CAT 4.Attack the integrity of the judicial system and incite the howling mob for support Status: done Outcome: The howling mob dwindled into a few disgruntled individuals asking for money down before joining the crowd. Mahirap na, laging naloloko. On the way to the court, something hilarious happened;  the fallen idol admitted in the full of view of the camera what the lawyers have been trying to establish as pure circumstantial if not hearsay. Dear Liars ermm Lawyers, There is a saying that fish is caught in the mouth.  There are fishes which eyes are bigger than their brains. There are fishes which brains are nothing but slimy membranes lodged in their small heads. People are no different. Magpies think that people think alike. Their brains are in their mouths. Not the real magpies. The magpies in the board. The CAT . Fire the lawyers and play underdog Status: done Outcome:His appearance in the Court in slippers was a bomb in the box office. A has- been actor, he did not realize that he is no longer a hearttrob except to one ageing magpie. Robin Padilla is the hero of the masa while Cesar Montano is adored by both male and female fans. Dear Fans, The movie was withdrawn due to lack of moviegoers. Nilangaw sa takilya. The CAT 6.Question the legitimacy of the administration and call for people power from the millions who voted for him. Status: done and ongoing Outcome: I still have to see the crowd that is going to topple the current administration because they wanted the fallen President back. Dear Mob, Can you hear him now ? Can you hear him now ? Can you hear him now ? They must be watching the pirated soap opera. The CAT 7.  Ask for impeachment of the Supreme Court justices YAWN


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