Saturday, June 07, 2003

MEMORIES Now where is it ? I probably put it my coat’s pocket.? Or in my tote bag? Or in my purse ? I better call myself. Ringgggggggggggggggggggggggggggg Got it. It is under the heap of clothes lying around my hamper for laundry. My cell phone. Now where is that darn TV remote. These are reminders to jolt my memory that I cannot write in the post it notes. BTW, where did I put that bright chatreuse-colored post it notes ? *********************** I am on a pensive mood and when I am, I try to recall happy errrm funny moments in my life. Kindergarten class. I found my classmate’s long braided hair beautiful and a good pencil holder. She sat in front of me. The two braids can hold two pencils. Cool. Then she stood up. Her mom was picking her up early. My pencils. They’re gone. The following day, I was moved to another desk. Elementary: I woke up late. My dad was going to drive us to school. My mom believed that an apple a day drives the doctor away. Do not forget to bring one for lunch. I did not forget. My dad dropped us off at the gate and drove away. I happily walked with some students. I got a funny feeling. I looked down. I had only one sock. Elementary: First Thursday. Classes start after lunch. Morning is devoted to confessios for First Friday’s Mass early morning. All students were required to attend. Only those who think they have mortal sins should go to confession, however. Confessional boxes were set up across the hallway or in designated rooms. . I did not consider ditching the class and going swimming was a mortal sin. Only my brother who ratted me to my mom thought so. I did not go to confession. Together with some non-Catholic students who were exempted from religious ceremonies, we went to a classmates’ house. They got trees. Star apples. Those who do not know what a star apple is or kaimito---it is a fruit that does not resemble apple or is shaped like a star. It is colored green or purple, soft white inside and with black seeds. It has a sticky juice that becomes rubber-like when it dries up. We enjoyed picking the fruit and eating them. We completely forgot that classes were going to resume at 1:00. It was half past one. We could not tell a lie when asked for an excuse of being late. The evidence was not circumstantial. The white stuff in my face and our loot of star apples stashed in a torn plastic bag. Wait ‘till my mom heard about it. My brothers are of another breed perhaps… They thought copying in class is a mortal sin. In their first confessions,one of my brothers told the priest. Bless me Father for I have sinned. My sins are…I copied from my seatmate. I copied from my seatmate..I copied from my seatmate. The priest said, okay, tell me your other sins. But father, I copied several times. Mwehehehe. ********************** Right after graduation, I applied for part time teaching in one university that used to be exlusive for girls. It was a Saturday class and a casual day. I was wearing jeans.That was my first day and I was walking along the corridor looking for the assigned room when a huffing and puffing young lady overtook me. Student: Oh I am late. Me: For what. Student: for my class down the hall. Me: Ow Student: Management Class Me: Ow Student: what about you.? Me: My class is also down the hall. Student: We must be classmates. Me: May be. Student: I usually sit at the back so the prof would not see me not paying attention. Got lots of magazines here. Would you like to sit beside me. I can lend you one. I tell you this class would be boring. Me: Ow Student: Come on, sit beside me. Me: Ow, No thank you. I prefer sitting infront. Me: GOOD AFTERNOON LADIES, My name is……Believe me, we will be together for one semester and this class will not be boring. . My name is… Dear Diary, I am a CAT but I can also be a mildmannered bitch. C Being a bitch is far from being mild mannered. Say catty instead. Dear Diary, I am a CAT and I am Cathy. There.


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