Tuesday, August 26, 2003

My Mouse

Dear Diary, I got two mice; one was a dot.com memorial that came with the pc's, desks and chairs from a corporation that breathed its last when no venture capitalists would want to throw more money to save it from dying from thirst due to lack of liquid cash. The other one is in my sanctum, sleeping the whole day and coming to life only after I have put away the dishes. The first mouse expired today. I tried to wake it up from deep slumber and no way it would move. I tried to apply resuscitation but it all did was to blink and freeze after a couple of minutes. Thank the virus alert these days, the help desk was ready for quick response for mayday. The IT guy-with-a-beautiful girl friend-responded by coming to the only cubicle-with-an-attitude at a short notice without the sop mail request for assesment-thru-problem-that you cannot understand-description. He brought a new mouse. Beautiful, brand new and with the light under.(cannot understand why it has to be at the belly. I gave him my old mouse with a heavy heart. I know, I must have contributed to its early demise. Lately, I have been using it to read some news about politics. I can feel its shock, I admit, it's overworked and must have fallen into depression by reading the negative world news. The CAT


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